Top 9 Benefits of Using Magento for Web Development

Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Did you ever think of starting your own website and making it viral? If yes, then making use of Magento makes your works much easier. When you create a traditional website, you need to invest lots of money to hire web developers, SEO


Google Chrome

11 Must Have Chrome Plugins/Extensions for Bloggers – 2016

Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Are you a Blogger? Do you always feel you don’t enough time for the tasks you plan each day? Then you need to check the plugins listed below. I can tell for sure that these plugins will save you a lot of time.


Mobile App Design & Development

UI/UX Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile App

Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry The mobile app development world is completely different from the web development. At present, there are 3.9 billion apps in the market and all the developers and designers are competing to list their apps on top. However, it’s not like plain sailing to


Web Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review – Their Speed, Your Success

Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry There are lots of hosting companies out there. Each one of them has its own cons and pros. Few days before we thought of migrating all our sites to a different host. We had lots of options as the internet is a pool full