A Virtual Private Network: To use it or not to use it today?

Abbreviation VPN means a virtual private network. It is created over the already existing network and allows to unite a few local computers into one network. However, the main function of VPN connection is the protection of data. Even if you think you have nothing to hide, just remember what



How to Password Protect/Encrypt Applications on Mac

Sometimes we come across the situation where we need to encrypt or password protect any app on Mac. The purpose is simple; to prevent any unauthorized access to your personal data like emails, photos, videos, and contacts etc. It has been asked by many of our users that how they


Blogging Tips & Tricks

Building a Quality Blog: 4 Tips for Beginners

When you tell people that you’re a blogger, most of them just roll their eyes. Because in their mind, blogging is easy – you just sit in front of your screen all day, browse the Internet, write down a few things and at the end of a month, collect an