A lot has been said by SEO professionals regarding essential SEO tips. However, due to the regular changes in Google algorithms, a lot of business owners and SEO executives keep unable their SEO techniques. In this article, we have listed a few essential SEO services tips that businesses, regardless of its industry type and size, may apply.

Essential SEO Tips

15 Essential SEO Tips to Optimize your Website Successfully:

  1. Single keywords might not help you as much as search phrases. Also, it is advisable to put your location in the text, especially if you are targeting local audience.
  2. Point visitors to different pages of your website by linking them on your homepage and main service pages.
  3. If your website have pages that have an extremely high bounce rate, or do not get any visitors, it is advisable to optimize the page using better content and popular keywords related to the service. Improving content and targeted keywords won’t just help you get visitors, but also improve your page rank on the search engines.
  4. Share your videos on YouTube. Create an event on Facebook and create an account on Twitter. Having a social media presence can help you in getting a better rank and brand image. You may also link your website with YouTube videos.
  5. Use updated social bookmarking tools. Google updates its algorithm frequently, which makes it important for you to use updated social bookmarking tools. If you want your visitors to like your pages, make sure that you are using a right tool for the job.
  6. While creating and sharing content, make sure to focus on quality. Share others content, indulge in a large variety of external links and always focus on quality of the content. Share blog posts related to your industry sector.
  7. Make sure to add ‘all tags’ to your business.
  8. Use tags like H1, H2, H3 and H4 while creating content. Also, bold and italic keywords and significant phrases.
  9. Avoid using underscore, incorrect spellings and incorrect grammar phrases in your domain URL. This makes them crawler friendly.
  10. Make sure that your visitors do not see 404 error pages. Re-design pages in a manner that it redirects the user either to homepage or any other similar page.
  11. Do not use CSS to hide content from your visitors and make the content visible only to search engines. Avoiding this will help you in more than one way.
  12. Monitor your website on a regular basis so that you know whenever it is down.
  13. Also, it is seen that Google ranks a website better if it is linked to authoritative sites. However, make sure that you do not overdo it.
  14. They do not kid when they say that content is king. Before publishing any content, make sure to check it for spelling and grammar.
  15. If you feel that your website requires changes. Make sure not to change it all at once. Instead, make minor changes, monitor, get feedback and then go ahead with the process.


Use the above mentioned 15 SEO tips immediately to get better rankings on major search engines like Google.

This is a Guest Post by Akanksha. Akanksha is a passionate writer, who has written various interesting articles on technology niche for various websites. She loves to write about technology, gadgets, marketing, SEO & all.



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