Nobody is perfect in this world. In terms of Blogging, we do make lots of mistakes there too. From SEO to Template Customisation, from Widget addition to post publishing, we do lots of mistakes. This phase of mistake making is perpetual. But as we grow from a newbie blogger, we get experience and we start realizing that the small mistakes we were making shouldn’t be repeated anymore.

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So the solution is simple, we should try to avoid every single mistake we could.

That’s why today in our this article, we’ll discuss some random mistakes almost every blogger makes. Purpose is to educate as many readers as we can so read thoroughly 🙂

5 Mistakes Made by Newbie Bloggers While Writing Blog Posts

The below given mistakes are not necessarily made by every beginner. But yeah it has been seen so many times that most of the newbies make these mistakes because they are unaware of the importance of the part they are missing.

Let’s move on to some random 5 mistakes with their solution one-by-one:

1. Every newbie forgets posts interlinking

From SEO perspective, post interlinking is an important aspect while writing a blog post. Post interlinking helps googlebots to crawl your pages easily as it provides an easy path to googlebots to jump from one post to another easily and thus increases your blog’s chances to get indexed by google in a short span of time. Same applies for other search engine’s crawlers too, like Bingbot of Bing, Yahoobot of Yahoo etc.

Now that was the SEO perspective, on the other side, it provides an ease to your visitors to navigate through your posts easily. If one is reading about WordPress on your blog and he finds some links related to that topic immediately after it then definitely that person would love to check that one too. As the result, your blog’s bounce rate will decrease and traffic will increase.


2. Improper use of fonts and alignments by newbies

This is a common mistake that almost every newbie and even experienced ones make too. Improper use of fonts and alignments leaves a very bad impression on your visitors. Improper use of fonts means:

  • Improper use of Font Families or Font Styles.
  • Improper use of Font Size.
  • Improper use of Font Weight.
  • Improper use of Font Color.
  • Improper use of Font Highlighters.
  • Improper Alignment of text. etc.

Now let’s understand each one by one:

Improper use of Font Families or Font Styles

When we start writing a blog post, as a newbie, we don’t take notice of which font style we used in the first paragraph and which font style we are using now in the second paragraph. It gives an unsymmetrical look to our blog posts hence leaves a very bad impression on the visitors. We should focus on this point that which font style we have to use in different parts (introduction, headings, paragraphs, ending) of the blog post.

To solve this: Decide a particular font style for your content i.e. for all Headings use a particular font style don’t change it when you start writing another blog post, for paragraphs also, use particular styles in this way you’re creating an overall symmetry in your blog’s posts.

Improper use of Font Size

Same consideration for this one too. When we start writing a post, we really don’t take notice of heading’s size that whether it is largest or not, or subheadings size is medium or not etc.

To solve this: Decide a particular font size for Headings (Larger than the content), Sub-Headings (Larger than the content but smaller than Headings), Paragraphs (Medium font size), Steps (Slightly Highlighted) etc.

Improper use of Font Weight

Font weight i.e. Normal, Bold, Bolder are also used to highlight text. Mostly, we use them to highlight important texts or noteworthy words but some people make their whole post’s text bold. They think that this will provide an ease to visitors to read their blog’s post easily but in real this is not true. By highlighting whole post’s contents by changing the font weight to bold creates a confusion in the mind of the readers as they can’t differentiate between your Headings, Sub-Headings, and main text.

To solve this: Change the font weight to bold of only important and noteworthy words, Headings, and Subheadings.

Improper use of Font Color

Font color is a very important part in your blog’s post. Generally, we use it in highlighting some important texts but it also gives beauty to our blog. Most of us don’t use them properly. Like some people use the same color to highlight both Hyperlink and normal text. In this way one can’t identify the difference between a link and a normal text.

To solve this: Fix a particular Font Color for all Hyperlinks, normal texts, headings, Sub-Headings etc. in your posts.

Improper use of Font Highlighters

Font Highlighters or Text Highlighters are basically text background colors given in contrast combination by us to highlight some particular text or words. But the biggest mistake we do is highlighting the inappropriate content without highlighting the important content.

To solve this: Fix a particular highlighting style. Means a particular background color and text color of the highlighted text.

Improper Alignment of text

Text Alignment matters too much in a blog post. Their general use is to position texts. Also sometimes we use them to highlight some particular text or paragraph by aligning them differently from the main text. But the problem is most of us don’t use them properly. Like some of us align normal paragraphs to “center” which gives a poetic look to our posts.

To solve this: Try to align only some quotes, note, warning texts and some headings to center position.

That was the discussion about improper use of fonts and its related terminology by newbies. Now let’s move to next section.

3. Every newbie forgets In-Post Image Optimization

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4. Every newbie forgets to format contents from external sources

Some newbies have a very bad habit of stealing contents from some other sites by Copying-Pasting method to increase their posts in a short period of time. This gives rise to plagiarism. But while doing so, they don’t know those contents inherit the properties of their source which clashes with your blog’s default properties and create an overall mess. Some write their posts in Microsoft Office and paste them directly into the post editor without even formatting them. That also gives an untidy look to your posts. Both of the things not only makes your blog look untidy but can also disturb your blog’s pagination.

To solve this: Always format the contents taken from external sources. For doing so, press CTRL+A to select all matter and then click on Remove Formatting button present on the top right corner of your post editor.

Remove Formatting in Blogger
Remove Formatting in Blogger
Remove Formatting in WordPress
Remove Formatting in WordPress

5. Every newbie forgets to write Search or Meta Description

This is the most crucial mistake almost every newbie makes which results in lack of search based traffic to their blog. Search description is the main context which appears on the SERPs of various search engines. Search Engines crawl your pages and show results on their SERP on the basis of the keywords and description written in your post’s search description column.

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So don’t forget to write it whenever you write a post. Try to write it within 156 characters.


Doing mistakes or stopping them permanently is not in our hands but we can try our level best to avoid them which we make in our life many times. Try to learn from your mistakes so that you can never repeat them again.

We hope you enjoyed. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in comments section below


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