How to protect your customer’s data when working remotely?

If you run a business that uses the internet heavily (and if you run a successful business then this is likely the case), then you will likely be dealing with sensitive customer data. You will likely have to take at least some of that data on the road with you



10 Reasons Why to Use Magento for eCommerce Development

If WordPress is the trendiest CMS with most of the websites developed on it, Magento has the characteristic of being highly well-liked CMS for e-commerce. Few of the leading brands involving Levono, Samsung, Nike, Nestle Nespresso, and Fox Connect utilize Magento, and also millions of small and medium eCommerce companies


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Can a Phone Replace Your Wallet?

At the end of 2015, you will probably be answering the question whether your phone can replace your wallet. You’d be saying “Actually, it already has”. However, it may be possible you are still unfamiliar with the concept of a mobile wallet altogether. No harm; let me explain! Can a