Whenever someone visits your site, the first thing which tells about site’s popularity is its Alexa Rank and PageRank. PageRank is on the other hand directly depends on links to your site (also known as backlinks). But if we talk about Alexa Rank then it totally depends on only one factor i.e. Traffic. In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about “4 No-Alternate Ways to Boost Site Traffic Instantly” which is a must see post if you wish to boost site traffic instantly. The interesting part out of all the methods I discussed in that article is Social Sharing. Social Media Sharing includes sharing articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and many more. Automatic sharing solves a big part of low-traffic related problems.

Automatically Share Posts on Facebook

So today in my this article, I’m discussing about how your posts can be easily shared on Facebook automatically immediately after publishing.

How to Automatically Share Posts on Facebook?

Below are given some steps, just follow them to get the job done 😉

1. Using Bloglovin (for any platform).

Bloglovin is a place where you can follow the blogs of your choice. It’s a Multi-Platform social following and sharing site. Sharing using Bloglovin is very convenient as they have an option to set Facebook Pages for sharing posts immediately on publishing. You just need to sign up first and then give Bloglovin App permissions to get access to your pages. Now set the pages as per your needs. That’s All!


2. Using Jetpack Publicize (only for WordPress).

If your site runs on WordPress then Jetpack is the multi-usage plugin you are looking for. This plugin comes with so many features and upon activation, you can see the wonder by visiting the Jetpack tab under “Dashboard”.


Now to set Jetpack to automatically share posts on your Facebook, you need to configure the “Publicize” option given in the plugin. Follow the steps below.

1. Click on the “Jetpack” tab under the “Dashboard”.

Jetpack Tab under Dashboard

2. Here you will see so many options like Notifications, WordPress.com Stats etc. Click on the Configure button under “Publicize” tab.


3. Now a new page will open. Here you will see social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Path, Google+ etc. These icons represent the social networks on which you can set your site to automatically share posts.

Publicize Icons

4. Click on “Connect” button placed at the right of Facebook. It will ask for permissions, once you grant all the permissions, you’ll end up to something like this:

Publicize on Facebook

5. Now select your “Publicize to my Facebook Wall” or “Publicize to my Facebook Page” option, choice is yours.

NOTE: The bad part is, you can select only one item per publicizing service. Either you can select your Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page. So if you want to publicize at only one place at a time then good otherwise go with Bloglovin.


    • It will affect your site’s SEO only if you overdo it. Nobody likes to visit spammy links. So set your personal or blog’s social profile to automatic share every time you publish. It won’t affect your site.


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