A blogger’s job is not just to write something and press that holy button called Publish. A blogger’s job is beyond than just writing content. Blogging is a collective mixture of writing blog posts, designing them, developing the backend, taking care of site’s database and much more. All of it goes through in a constant and sequenced manner because of a driving force called Curiosity *ok that was deep 😂*. The curiosity of customizing templates, widgets, and designs to make the best out of them by adding different types of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Codes into them. Sometimes, this customization could lead to errors and faults in the site and make you regret on yourself that why you didn’t take the backup of the template in advance. Especially the newbies contribute to the largest percentage of the total number of people facing the same issue. It is simply because they are still new to the things like blog, templates, widgets, and all Zurich Prime reviews. So what to do to prevent yourself from falling into this technical trouble? The short and simple answer is “Just take the Backup of your blog’s template before editing it!”.

How to take backup of a Blogger template?

Ok after understanding all the reasons and needs of why you should take backup of a template, we are ready to go. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >>  Backup/Restore (on the top-right corner).
  2. Now a small dialogue box will open, click on “Download Full Template”.

DONE! That’s all the process. Now your backup template (XML file) will be downloaded to your computer. We hope you enjoyed. If you have any doubt or query related to this tutorial then feel free to ask it in comments.


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