I often seen many people asking the same question again and again “Why Text & Display is the best performing AdSense Ad Type?“. As Display ads are more attractive in comparison to plain written text ads then why Text & Display Ads?

Actually the secret to have highest bids on your inventory is by creating pressure within the auction. But how? As Google also recommends, it is advisable to use “Text & Display ad” type. Text Ads include a title that is a clickable link to a webpage, one or two lines of text and a website address. Display Ads includes all image, flash, video and expandable ads. In the ad auction, there are plenty of display ads and text ads.

Best Performing AdSense Ad Type

Text & Display: The Best Performing AdSense Ad Type

If you choose to serve only one ad type or the other, you are leaving an entire category of ads out of the auction. The more bids competing for your inventory, the greatest the highest bids is likely to be. So by enabling both Text & Display ads, you will help create pressure within the auction. This allows you to serve the most valuable ad available for your site, regardless of format.


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