SEO is not a simple as well as a single step process. There are two parts of SEO, on-site and off-site. Both parts play their individual roles. None of them can be ignored.

On-Site SEO only makes your blog friendly for google bots for easy crawling and indexing of your pages. It makes your blog capable of showing up on the SERPs. But to gain top rankings on SERPs of various search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc., you’ve to focus on off-site SEO.

Off-Site SEO mainly consists of building links juice through external backlinks. The higher the backlinks your blog have, the higher the chances it have to be shown up on the SERPs. It can also be considered in terms of PageRank. Same situation here also, the higher your blog’s PageRank, higher it have chances to be shown up on the SERPs. So to build quality backlinks which can drive 100% organic traffic to your blog, we’re discussing 30 easy to follow tricks here in my this article.

RECOMMENDATION: Whether you follow any of the methods given by me below or not or any other method if you’ve, our recommendation is “DON’T SPAM” otherwise your site might get penalized by Google Penguin Update.

20 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks For Your Site in 2017:

  1. Add your blog to dofollow blog directories. Check the list here
  2. Create a Pinterest profile page and add your blog’s link there. After adding it, don’t forget to verify it otherwise your site’s link won’t be considered as a backlink.
  3. Comment on other blogs of the same niche to gain link boost up.
  4. Try to take part in forums by questioning or answering. Post your blog link in your answers as a referral link. Check list of forums here
  5. Engage in discussions on high-quality discussion boards such as Quora.
  6. Make use of blog communities by submitting your blog to them. Ex. IndiBlogger, The Blog Bowl, and BlogAdda etc.
  7. Gain dofollow backlinks from Yahoo Answers. Learn how to get dofollow backlinks from Yahoo Answers here.
  8. Submit your articles to StumbleUpon
  9. Submit your blog’s feed to feeds directories. Check the list here
  10. Try to write blog posts with highly controversial title and content so that they can go viral. This on itself can build many quality backlinks.
  11. Participate in groups like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.
  12. Create your account on Wikipedia, post your articles there and post your blog’s link as a Source Link.
  13. Create your own blog templates or themes and add your link in the footer of that template as a credit of your accomplishment.
  14. Provide free blog services like free blog setup. In this way you can add your links in their blog (but don’t spam).
  15. Write posts which start with any number e.g. “5 Mistakes Made by Newbie Bloggers While Writing Blog Posts” or “3 Steps to Make Money from Elegant Themes Affiliate Program”. These types of posts get viral easily and can generate lots of backlinks.
  16. Host your images on image directories like Flickr and write your blog address in its copyright notice.
  17. Create a “Link to us” or “Spread the voice” page in your blog. Put your blog’s direct HTML links or banners there. Your regular readers or your fans may use them if they are highly impressed by your writing skills.
  18. Make effective use of YouTube. Upload your videos there and give your links in its details.
  19. Occasionally run surveys and giveaways with good topics.
  20. Try to post about any upcoming news or event. Try to be the first one on the web who is posting it.

Don’t forget to check this article to know a very effective link building tactic.

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Final Words!

Out of all those methods, most important thing is your content. Update your blog regularly. Set a target that how many posts you’ve to publish within a week or within a month. Write quality content. Don’t just copy-paste from other sites. Avoid Plagiarism. Focus on “Quality” not on “Quantity”.


  1. What an informative and helpful post. I’m going to try some of your suggestions. I’m probably not nerdy enough–but I’ll make every effort. Visiting from ‘I an a blogger’. You can find my daily blog at:

    • Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes I do agree with you. Some methods are little bit tricky but you can follow most of them. Surely you’ll get lots of quality inbound links. Stay Tuned for more upcoming articles like this.

  2. Awesome,i found this article when i am searching for back link tips. This article is definitely helpful for new bloggers like me. But i didnot understand the term “linkbait posts”. Can you explain?……..Thanks in advance

    • Please use your real name while commenting. We’ve already mentioned it in the comments policy though 🙂

      Link bait posts are actually posts on your website that other sites link to. Reason can be any, like they want to correlate their content with yours to make it more easy to understood or for referencing purposes.

  3. I would like to create some very high quality website back links for my SEO website paid link are not a good way (according to Google algorithm ) so please any one tell me how to get some good High Quality SEO back link ?

    • Hello Priya,

      You can create your own widgets if you have knowledge or any idea about html/css/js. Create widgets and post them on your own site and then promote them among the audience looking for something like that.


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