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    What an informative and helpful post. I’m going to try some of your suggestions. I’m probably not nerdy enough–but I’ll make every effort. Visiting from ‘I an a blogger’. You can find my daily blog at:

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      Thanks for your kind comment.
      Yes I do agree with you. Some methods are little bit tricky but you can follow most of them. Surely you’ll get lots of quality inbound links. Stay Tuned for more upcoming articles like this.

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    Awesome,i found this article when i am searching for back link tips. This article is definitely helpful for new bloggers like me. But i didnot understand the term “linkbait posts”. Can you explain?……..Thanks in advance

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      Please use your real name while commenting. We’ve already mentioned it in the comments policy though 🙂

      Link bait posts are actually posts on your website that other sites link to. Reason can be any, like they want to correlate their content with yours to make it more easy to understood or for referencing purposes.

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    I would like to create some very high quality website back links for my SEO website paid link are not a good way (according to Google algorithm ) so please any one tell me how to get some good High Quality SEO back link ?

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      Hello Priya,

      You can create your own widgets if you have knowledge or any idea about html/css/js. Create widgets and post them on your own site and then promote them among the audience looking for something like that.

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