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Howdy Readers. Have you ever noticed “ALSO CHECK” sections and keywords interlinking at our blog? If not then surely you should check it. Actually we interlink our posts with each other to create an overall interactivity among them. There is a very huge importance of posts interlinking in terms of SEO, PageRank and impression on visitors. Our site appears in SERPs according to keywords of the search query so make your blog highly interlinked (not spammy) so that googlebots can crawl it effectively and add it to their index as soon as possible.

Need to do it?

It provides an easy pathway to googlebots for effective crawling of your site as well as to your visitors too. Everyone needs something extra. From daily life needs to financial needs, we always need something extra. So in the real sense we are doing the same by post interlinking and providing our visitors something extra. If one is reading about latest mobiles on your site and if he/she founds a link in post related to cheapest smart phones then there is a huge chance that the visitor would love to check that one too. It in other terms, increases your blog’s traffic, decreases your blog’s bounce rate, increases your PageRank, increases your Alexa rank, and more importantly your readers gets engaged to your blog for longer time.

How to create interactivity among your posts?

I am providing three simple yet super effective methods by which you can do it. Just read each one by one carefully that I have given below:

1. By inserting “Also Check” or “Recommended for you” sections in posts

One of the most successful and super effective tactic for the web alike interlinking. We also use similar sections which you might have observed many times. Use this section to the related heading of your content. In the sense you can use it to give the link of any previously published post but the deal is it should be related to the content or topic between which you’re placing it. Also Check sections help you to educate your readers even better.

2. By smartly interlinking your posts (Keywords method)

The main reason behind the success of high ranked sites like Wikipedia is that they focus on linking on Keywords. Wikipedia interlinks their posts on the basis of related keywords of any other page. This strategy makes their blog’s structure like a web. For complete article about this topic you can,


3. By using related articles widget

It’s the easiest method; you don’t have to make any efforts. Once you have added a related articles widget below your posts or in content, it’ll automatically start displaying results according to the labels of the posts. It’s also a very good method and most recommended too as it’s the unique way to interlink your posts by interactive graphics.

Final Words!

All the above ways can be successful for you only if you act smartly. Concentration is also the must factor. But I recommend you not to spam on your own blog just to gain more traffic. Google handles links very carefully; your blog can be neglected in search results. So act smartly and link wisely!



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