WordPress no doubt is the lord of all CMS (Content Management System) software out there. It’s due to its flexibility and easy-to-use interface that makes it undoubtedly best for so almost every type of website requirements.

When it comes on monetizing a WordPress site, users spend a lot of time in finding the answers of questions: which ad network they should join? where to place ads later on? and finally how to optimize ads to increase earnings? Ever thought of monetizing your whole WordPress site in just 60 seconds setup time without even actually adding any banner in your site? I bet your answer would be no!

Effectively Monetize Your WordPress Site In Mere 60 Seconds

Here I’m sharing with you the most anticipated method to monetize your WordPress site in less than a minute. The tactic has been made possible with the help of a service known as Clk.im.

About Clk.im

Clk.im is a premium URL shortener and Interstitial ad server. I don’t think you’re unaware with what Bit.ly does. Bit.ly shortens your links but you get no extra financial profit. But when it comes on Clk.im, you can make a great amount of money that you can’t even imagine about.


Clk.im turns your natural links into shortened & monetized links so that whenever someone uses that link, you get some money in your pocket. Sounds simple, Ain’t it? They currently have two types of offerings:

  1. Ad Network – Users shorten links and they monetize them with a full-page interstitial ad. Unlike other URL Shorteners, they do not pay users a flat fee for their traffic. Rather they pay out a very generous 70% revenue share. That’s what makes them stand out of the crowd.
    Some users have been able to achieve a gross of $20 eCPM for their US traffic, leaving them with a $14 cut for each 1000 clicks! While if you compare Clk.im with any other shortening service then either other URL shortening services don’t pay anything or pay $1 or $2 or even less for 1000 clicks or even more.
  2. SAAS: Interstitial Ad Server (SSP) – Essentially if users choose to upgrade to a pro account at Clk.im at a nominal fee of $14.99/month, they can set their own monetization URLs. That means they can shorten URLs and monetize them with whatever they think will perform best for those links.
    For example, they can collect lead, promote content/sponsored offerings or even their own affiliate links. That’s so possible because in a pro account, they manage the deals directly with their advertisers, they do not take any cut on that. They keep 100% of their profits. Only fee is the monthly subscription to be able to set their own monetization links.

Clk.im URL Shortener includes features like setting custom alias, geotargeting of URL’s, QR code, password protect links (content locking) and providing a description (note) for each link. They also provide detailed analytics for each link.

Clk.im Advanced Features

Now the main question arises:

How to effectively monetize your WordPress site in mere 60 seconds setup time?

Actually they provide users with several integrations that either automatically shortens the links or make it super simple to create them such as bookmarklet, API, automatic website shortening JavaScript and a smart WordPress plugin.

Their WordPress plugin is unique and automates all your monetization efforts. Within the plugin settings, you can define specifically which links it should shorten automatically. For example they can define types of links (with  jQuery class), specific domains, only external/internal links, only links on specific types of page (page, post, category, tag) etc.

These types of features give you an amazing opportunity to use WordPress CMS as a platform to build large archives of downloadable content, streaming links, files images etc. to make more money from their links and clicks.

How to start using Clk.im right away?

  • Click here to SignUp for a free Clk.im Account.
  • Upon signup, you’ll see a bar saying “Paste a long url”, paste your url there to shorten it.Shorten URL using Clk.im
  • You can go through Advanced Options to change settings like custom alias, geotargeting of URL’s, QR code, password protect links (content locking) and providing a description (note) for each link.
  • Use the URL wherever you want but please don’t spam.
  • TO AUTOMATE THE TASK: Download and install Clk.im WordPress Plugin from here.

NOTE: While they do not have any special requirements for a website or prior marketing knowledge, but they do not accept traffic that comes from adult or illegal content sites or allow users to shorten URLs that lead to such sites. They also do not allow users to shorten URLs that lead to other shortening service.

Want to make some more money?

Here is a good news. Clk.im pays you if you refer other users to sign up. They share with you 5% referral revenue from all of your sub-registrations + 25% recurring commission if any of your sub registrations upgrades to pro accounts.

Ain’t it a great deal! I know it’s 😉


As you can see there are infinite ways to make money online today. You just have to find what works for you best and easily in less time. And this can be done with automated tasks only. So this 60 seconds trick to monetize your WordPress site will be a great option for you to try next 😀

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Start making money with Clk.im today and don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below 🙂


  1. Hi Ritesh
    You seem to know a lot about Monetize and making money online. not heared about Clk.im before reading here. What you think about Clicksor, is it worth something ?

    thanks James.

    • Hello James

      Clicksor is a decent AdSense alternative. Though, their minimum requirement is 50,000 monthly impressions so it’s almost impossible for a new site to get approved. Their ads look almost alike AdSense ones with “Ads By Clicksor” on top. I’ve seen users reporting their ads to have malware but I’ve not experienced the same thing yet so can’t say anything about that.


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