Ok, me and you (I’m talking to you reader), we both know why you are here. You read my article’s title somewhere, probably on any social media handle or in any SERP like that of Google or quite possibly you are my regular reader who found this article while going through my blog 😉 I’m not giving you any magical tricks through this article. Like you might have thought before reading this article that there will be a dumb cheat code at the end of my article that you will write through your keyboard (just like GTA games) and magic will happen; ok that was a bit lame, sorry for that :p

Actually I’m just sharing some experiments or you can say my attempts that more or less worked for me and successfully generating sales in affiliate marketing. Now without wasting anymore time I’m going to share them with you.


Now there is a thing, if you want to go with my tricks to generate more sales in affiliate marketing then you’ve to know everything from scratch like I did when I started. It is a kind of flashback; ain’t? 😉

Let’s Start the story:

The first thing that I did is perfectly understood the basic terms first. Let’s do it again.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Now I’m not writing any bookish language here because I know you hate it too as much as I do :p

The simple and straight meaning of affiliate marketing is that you refer people some products or services and if they make any purchase or you sell them some product successfully on your reference, you get some commission out of it. The company or individual whose service or product got sold pays you a commission for your work.

Isn’t it simple 😉 Yes it’s I know. Most people understand affiliate marketing in this way and think “Huh! It was this only?”. Then they start spamming their own site (if they have any) or social media handles with affiliate banners and links in hope that their bank account will be mouth full and in partial vomit condition because of overloaded dollars in it when they will wake up. But in reality what they get, please don’t get me wrong but in our country we use a term “BABAJI KA THULLU” for such unexpected tragedies lol.

Why does this happens? Why professionals are making money from the same affiliate program as you do but they count their expenses in terms of the sales they generate and you keep counting the zeroes again and again after that dollar sign? Well, one need to have a proper marketing strategy to make their eMarketing campaigns rule over the web. Even the tricks I’ve mentioned below in this article are a part of my marketing strategy. Now! what’s that marketing strategy here?

What is Marketing Strategy?

Someone’s marketing strategy combines all of his/her marketing goals into one all-inclusive plan.

The basic concept is that to sell or promote the affiliate products to the masses, we need to have an amazing marketing strategy, that would ensure we get a lot of sales.

There are lots of marketing rivals already ruling over the internet market with their own marketing strategies so you need to do something to beat them with yours. If generating a sale or lead is your crown then winner can only be one at a time, either your eMarketing rival or you.

Now let’s proceed to my marketing strategy:

My Badass Tricks to Generate More Sales in Affiliate Marketing

Read the tricks below:

1. Give customers reason(s) to buy through your affiliate link

Why anybody would buy using your affiliate link? You know who you are, but they don’t. Goal is to set up a marketing strategy with huge customer satisfaction value because they will buy only when they are satisfied.There are thousands of affiliates available on the web then why would they get referred by you only? Nobody is a fool who will spend

Internet is a pool of countless affiliates who are always ready to grab some customers in their marketing strategies. Then why would the customer will get referred by you only? Nobody is a fool who will spend $100 in purchasing a WordPress theme without doing some research first. Give them a reason to buy through you only. Don’t be an ordinary, present yourself and your content so that your visitors turn into your readers and then get converted into your customers. Some of the things that you can do are:

– Stop Spamming:


It is the foremost aspect of all. Spam is what that lowers customer’s trust in your services. Most of the beginner affiliate marketers load their sites with tons of banners, pop-ups, and in-text ads; Dude, visitors are there to read your content, not to waste their internet data on useless ads. Apply ads, but in a limit. Don’t make your site a fish market of spam. Although your first priority must be to maintain the overall quality of your blog, not to spoil it forever just for the sake of few dollars.

– Write Reviews:

Write Reviews

Now when your site is monetized in a well-organized way, it’s time to tell your readers why they should buy through you only.


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As I mentioned before customer satisfaction is the main aspect then we’ll proceed by keeping that thing in mind. For successful online marketing, you need to convince your audience with online reviews. Write honest product reviews. Review must be written by you only after personally testing the product by yourself first. Don’t Google for already written review of the same product by any other person and start using that CTRL+C from source to CTRL+V to your blog method because your reader’s browser is also equally capable of using Google 😉 Reviews must be 100% plagiarism free. A review is what that guides the buyers about their future purchases, doesn’t mislead them in any way just to generate more sales.

Read this article for more reference: Five Fool-proof Ways On How To Write Good Product Reviews

– Mention all the Cons & Pros:

Cons & Pros

As I mentioned in the last point, write honest product or service reviews. Here ‘honest’ means you have to mention all the advantages of the product and drawbacks as well. If you keep on writing only advantages just because of your mindset that readers will more likely to be convinced and start purchasing through your link after reading advantages only, then you are wrong.

Nobody & Nothing is perfect in this world. Your readers would like to know drawbacks or Cons of the product as well. This makes them sure about if that product will work for them or not. Writing only advantages can leave a bad impact on your readers, they will think that you are paid by the product creators to write good things only about them.

– Wrap things up with conclusion:


Now when you’ve written the review genuinely and honestly, it’s time to share your views. Write a ‘Conclusion’ part at the end of your review and there share what you think about that product. Don’t be more side-taking, nor be sarcastic while writing it. A conclusion is what that express your insights or personal opinions about that product. So write it smartly 😉

Read this article for even better understanding: Writing a Good Conclusion Paragraph

2. Now when they are convinced but not completely, it’s time to increase their trust factor to 200% 😉

– Post Coupons:

Post Coupons

Reviews on their own are the best way to attract more customers. Posting few coupons for the same product can give your sales a remarkable boost. Usually, all companies provide timely coupons to their affiliates. Some give you on request. In that case, contact their support team via email. You can find the email on their contact page. Mention in the email that you want to promote their services on your website so getting a personalized coupon code or link would provide great mutual benefits. In 1 day or 2 you’ll get the response from the company. Response time depends on the workload of the company, so be patient.

– Publish Regularly: update your site regularly. Nobody is saying you to post daily as publishing a well curated unique and informative post daily is not possible. There are many bloggers who blog only twice or thrice a month, but that’s their regularity. They are regular in posting 2 or 3 times a month. Their readers are also aware of their posting frequency. So make a publishing schedule. Don’t be ‘Just woke up, now posting and going back to bed’ type of person lol. Ok! that was also a bit lame :p

You can read this article about maintaining a blog publishing frequency here: How To Master Your Blog Publishing Frequency?

– Compare one product with other:


Doing this can make your readers know that you are not partial to only one or few products like you are being paid by the company to promote them. This is where you actually gain trust of your customer.

3. You are lucky and you finally made one or more sales, it’s time to target your customer to multiply those sales 😉

– Opt-in or Email Subscribing Facility:

So you turned your visitors into readers and then converted them into your customer. But is there any guarantee that your customers will return? Obviously No! Most probably they will hardly remember after one week of purchase that using who’s coupon or recommendation they bought the product for them. So make your customers returning, make them your loyal and regular readers because normal visitors generally contribute in high bounce rates only for your site. If you know what I mean 😉

Add an ‘opt-in’ widget or ‘subscribe via email’ widget after post content and in the sidebar so that they can subscribe to your regular updates if they find your stuff good.

Optin Box

Now whenever you publish a new article or coupon on your blog, your subscribers will automatically be notified what you’ve posted. This will make them returning.

– Increase Social Media Connections: social media is the best way to make anything go viral. It’s because you get ready-made traffic from social media, you don’t need to focus on SEO of your content in social media sites. However, Facebook Page Admins should check this article: 3 Working Tips to Increase Facebook Posts Reach

– Provide live chat facilities on your site: providing chat facility on your site can gain trust of many people in you. As they get to know that someone living and valid person updates your blog, not an Autobot (like Google Bot). Ok! that was again a bit lame :p

Video chat facility works best, but the main drawback is that you need to sit in front of your laptop 24×7. And it’s not possible. So you can provide text chatting facilities like you can see a chat window on Facebook. In this way your readers who are interested in buying something using your site but have some doubts then he/she can clarify them by dropping a message.

Even if I tell you my story then after adding the live support facility to my blog, I experienced a noticeable boost in my earnings. People started hiring me more for website consultancy services because if they are interested in my work and services then they found a way to chat with me personally and live to talk about work in a better way.

The best way to this is to add the Facebook style chat window to your blog that is created by Spot.IM. Read more about Spot.IM here: Spot.IM Review: Facebook Style Chat Window For Any Site

4. Interconnect things up smartly like Sherlock Holmes

Now when you are done doing everything smartly, it’s time to wrap things up with the interconnecting part. Interconnect in the sense, all parts that I mentioned above must correlate each other. It means when your reader is going through a review on your site then there must be something so that he can get a coupon for the same product (if available). It will increase your chances to make sales. Also if you’ve written anything more about that product previously in any other article then they should land on those pages too. You need to interconnect your articles smartly. It will result in the following:

  • Low Bounce Rates
  • Increased Pageviews
  • High Alexa Rank because of more page views
  • and most importantly… More Sales Leads 😀

Check these guides, they will definitely help you to interconnect your content smartly:


The above-mentioned tricks are not new things. You might have read them somewhere before. But the thing that is new is their proper implementation. Thousands of people struggle to get success in affiliate marketing but they get nothing. People try many different ways to generate sales leads, but they get nothing. These were my techniques to generate more sales in my affiliate marketing programs. You should also give them a try.

I hope you liked my article. If I helped you in any way then you can thank me by giving +1 on G+ 🙂 and don’t forget to share your views about this article in the comments section below.


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