FREE WORDPRESS SITE!!! Ritesh are you crazy??? HaHaHa I’m not actually 😛 Not everyone can afford purchasing a domain and hosting for their new website. Even I started blogging from that is a free blogging platform. I used their free sub-domain for about 3 months. Later on when I finally realized that I need my personalized domain for better rankings on SERPs, then I bought my first domain and added it to Blogger. After two months later, I realized another thing that if one needs to grow their website as an online business then is not enough for it. You need a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress for it. As we all know that WordPress is a free open source software to build powerful websites but it requires a hosting server. So I bought hosting for my website from Dreamhost that costed me about $65. But it was huge risk for me to migrate from free blogger blog to a self hosted WordPress blog as hosting, servers, databases, domain name pointing and many more things were all unfamiliar for me. But anyhow I successfully managed to migrate my blog to WordPress.

Get Free WordPress Site

What is the purpose of this article? Actually when I wanted to have my own WordPress blog, I had to purchase hosting and domain (obviously). If I knew this trick that I’m going to discuss over here today then might be I wouldn’t purchase hosting and a domain. If I would then maybe after understanding all the concepts of WordPress, hosting, servers, cPanels and all. Paid hosting truly has no alternates. As you get unlimited space, bandwidth, domain hosting, email hosting and many more features.

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So today in my this article, I’ll be discussing how you can easily create a free WordPress site with free domain, hosting and cPanel.

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How to easily create a free WordPress site?

I have divided this tutorial in three sections so that you can understand every part individually.

1. Get Free Domain

So first of all you need a domain for our site. I’m not sure if you are aware of it or not but you can’t get a .com or .in or .net or .org domain for free. All these are top-level domains. So if you want a domain for free then you can get country specific domain such as .tk or .cf or .ga or .ml. Still country specific domains are better than subdomains. So let’s get started.

1. Visit There you will see a Text Box with label “Get a Free .TK Domain Name”. Just fill in it and click on go. It will check if the entered domain is available for registration or not. Homepage

Search Domain

2. Now on this screen you will get to know if you can register domain or not. If it is available then it will show something like the screenshot given below:

Domain Available

If domain is not available then it will show an error message “Domain already taken, please select another”.

3. Now you have to fill in the information required to register the domain.

In “Use your new domain” section, select “Use DNS” and then “Your own DNS”.
Name Servers:

Enter them in the server name section.

Q. Why did we do that?
Actually to host our domain and WordPress site, we will use which is a free hosting website. The above given two statements are their Name Servers. We are using them to point our newly registered domain to web host that we will use to host our WordPress site.

In “Registration length” select 12 months from drop down list.

Finally you will see a CAPTCHA. Complete it and click on “Sign Up” button.


4. Upon clicking on “Sign Up” button, a new column with title “Register at Dot TK” will open. Select the social media icon there you would like to sign up with or you can use your email address to sign up.

5. In my case, I chose email address to sign up. It will ask your name and password to complete sign up process.

Register at

6. Now you need to verify your email address on this step. Open your email id you have given while sign up and check the verification email sent by If you don’t receive any email in a while then you can request an email resend.

Confirm Email Address

Now we have completed our email setup process. Let’s move ahead to hosting section.

2. Get Free Hosting

As I have already mentioned above that will be our web hosting provider. Follow the steps given below:

1. CLICK HERE to visit and then click on “Sign Up!” button there.

000WebHost Homepage

2. Now a page will load with heading “Order Free Web Hosting”. Just fill in your details there.

As we have our own domain that we have registered previously. Write its address in the first text box with title “I want to host my own domain (domain must be registered already)”.

Then your name, email address, password and finally a CAPTCHA. Click on “Create My Account” after filling them all.

Order Free Web Hosting

3. Again same thing, you need to verify your email address here too. Check your inbox for the confirmation email. If you don’t receive one in a while then click on Resend Email.

Confirm Email

4. After confirming email address now you are done with setting up your hosting account and linking it to your domain. Your domain can take upto 24 hours to get pointed to the web hosting server. You can check your domain pointing status by visiting If it’s redirecting you to a default page then your domain is successfully pointed to hosting server. You can get started with hosting your WordPress site then.

Domain Successfully Pointed

3. Get Free WordPress Site

Now it’s time to set up a free WordPress site.

1. Login to your cPanel and scroll down to “Software / Services” there.

2. Then click on “Script Autoinstaller”.

Script Autoinstaller

3. Now a page will open up with heading “1-Click Autoinstaller”. Just click on “New Installation” button below WordPress section.

1-Click Autoinstaller


That’s all! Now setup and enjoy your free WordPress blog.

PROBLEM: Lately has paused their 1-Click Autoinstaller Service. So maybe you won’t be able to install WordPress in one click. If it is working then it’s awesome but if not then you have to host it manually. For that, can check this tutorial: Install WordPress on

If you have got any doubt while following the steps mentioned in this article then let me know by asking it in comments section below 😉



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