From daily pageviews to tension of increasing Alexa Rank, I think Facebook is the best option. Even if your site is not performing well on SERPs then also Facebook is the answer for viral content promotion. If we try to see the reason behind this then certainly it is because Facebook is world’s most popular and high traffic driving site after Google. Even you can check Facebook’s Alexa Rank by Clicking Here, it’s “2” Worldwide. I’m not pretty much sure about Facebook’s Daily Traffic but I guess it’s in millions or even more.

Though Search based traffic truly have no alternate and I’ve already discussed the same thing in my earlier articles too. But it can take a while until search engines crawl and index your site and rank them according to the related keywords.

Social Media Promotion is the open method for all and moreover it is the most trusted, dependable and instant way to boost site’s traffic. But the one thing to notice is, without proper strategies there too, you can’t drive the most traffic out of your shared posts. For this purpose we have to do something to increase Facebook Posts Reach.

Hence, today I’m writing this article to share those 3 Top-Secret Tips that I myself use to increase Facebook Posts Reach 🙂

Increase Facebook Posts Reach

3 Working Tips to Increase Facebook Posts Reach:

1. #Hashtags are highly effective

Hashtags (#) can be extremely powerful when you understand how to make them work for you. Hashtags are extremely helpful in identifying the frequency and reach of topics, discussions and tapping into audience sentiment. Hashtags are a great way to get people talking and let them jump into the discussion. For example, #seo is a popular stream of conversation used by those interested in search engine optimization.

The hashtags more than a collection of characters – it is a tool to be used to reach new audiences, connect like-minded people, and facilitate streams of conversations.

2. Tag Most Relevant People or Pages

Facebook Posts Reach

Usually people tag their friends and family members to share their greatest moments and happiness. But for Promotion Purposes like we are talking about increasing posts reach, this can allow you to stay more top of mind with your friends or fans.

However, there are some short best practices to consider when tagging others on Facebook so that you, or your business or organisation, doesn’t abuse the ability and upset your fans. Here is a list of my best practices:

  1. Only tag the people who will find the information you’re posting relevant.
  2. Don’t tag the same person all the time.
  3. If you are writing a complimentary post about any organisation, then tag them in the places of their names (this can be done by adding @ before the name and wait until Facebook grabs the person or organisation associated with that name, then click on the name when you find it).
    Tagged Organisations
  4. I would only recommend tagging people you have a great relationship with an know won’t mind you connecting them with your brand publicly.

3. Make Effective use of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are another huge spot to directly engage with thousands of people who always live in eager to read something interesting. Sharing articles in a group is a very good and successful strategy to increase posts reach.

Join some groups related to your niche. You can search them using the search bar at the top of your Facebook. After successfully finding the relevant groups, send the joining request. After getting approved by the admins of the group, you are ready to go. Share your links smartly by reading all the T&Cs of the group (if any) first.

NOTE: Nobody likes to read irrelevant content, so think twice before spamming 😉

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