You’ve rooted your Sony Xperia L device and now looking for the simplest guide to install kernel/recovery on it? Don’t worry, you’re at the right spot 😉

Guide to Install Kernel on Xperia L

Install Kernel/Recovery on Xperia L or any other Xperia Device

I’ve written this tutorial for flashing a custom kernel/recovery using Flashtool as simple as I can. This tutorial is written especially for the ease of beginners.

If you are familiar with flashing firmwares using Flashtool then flashing kernel won’t be a hard task for you. Read the steps below:

1. Open Flashtool.

2. Connect your device with “USB Debugging mode” enabled.

Install Kernel 1

3. Click “Flash Button” with “Thunder Icon :zap:”.

4. Now select “Fastboot mode”.

Install Kernel 2

5. Click “Reboot into fastboot mode (via ADB)”. Wait until it’s done.

Install Kernel 3

6. Now click “Select kernel to Flash”.

7. Choose the kernel .img file (most commonly boot.img) from extracted kernel/recovery zip file and wait until it’s done.

Install Kernel 4

8. Finally when it’s done flashing kernel to your device, click “Reboot device into system”.

That’s all!

You have successfully flashed a kernel/recovery to your Xperia device.

If you feel any trouble during this flashing process then feel free to leave a comment below. I will try to help you out as soon as I can. Thanks! 🙂


  1. Hey, I flashed the thunderzap kernel on my xperia l, but it doesn’t boot. On booting the thunder zap icon appears and then a black screen appears with a white band on top. It gets stuck on the black screen

      • And when you get to recovery what to do next? I ask as I have the same problem as the guy above and no idea what to do when I get to the recovery.

        • I think you better know the answer 😉 Because you have installed it for some reason.

          All the options are there like “flash zip”, “factor reset”, “backup/restore”. Just do whatever you want to do man 😉

  2. Thanks a lot for this helpful guide, Ritesh. One query- is there a need to install the ThunderZap-4.7 zip file itself once I am in the recovery mode…i actually attempted that and then it asked me to select diff. system parameters like I/O, cooling etc of which i was not sure and hence aborted. Is flashing the .img file in the extracted folder of ThunderZap-4.7 not enough? Please clarify.

    • Well… there is nowhere mentioned that you’ve to flash zip also. If you’ve already flashed .img file then there is no sense of flashing zip for the same file again when your work is already done. Got it?

  3. the zip file contains kernel modules. It is in some cases required for thew proper functioning of your phone and cant be ignored entirely… The boot.img is mostly a way to get into the recovery.

  4. can i flash a recovery like twrp using the same method ??? or is it something different??
    sorry m new to all this stuff and the adb method’s not working for me..


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