Reliance launched Jio services exclusively for LYF devices at first. Then they took a step beyond by launching the service for Samsung and LG devices. Now, Reliance has taken the final step in the Preview Offer to give the Jio 4G SIM card with Preview Offer by now letting users get a SIM card for any phone having 4G connectivity. Those who have their numbers given at the Reliance Digital stores are getting an SMS about the same and one can just walk in with their 4G phone to get the free SIM card with Preview Offer.

We just confirmed that by talking to the Reliance Digital store customer department and they are said to be offering the free SIM card with Preview Offer for any 4G phone. When asked whether it is for phones from brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, they confirmed that it was Samsung and LG till yesterday, and now, any phone with 4G is enough to get the free SIM card.


Do you need to get the code for that?

Though getting that is easy, some users using non-Samsung and non-LG phones reported that they are not able to get the invite code. But, that is now not necessary as the Reliance Digital representative said that they’ll help get the SIM without the need for the code at all.

What do I get in the Jio Preview Offer?

  • Three months of free data browsing with unlimited data
  • Three months of free calls
  • Three months of free SMS

What documents to carry to get the free SIM card?

  1. Original Proof of Address (POA) and copy,
  2. Proof of Identity (POI) and copy
  3. One passport size photograph.

Will I get the SIM card for any 4G phone?

Yes, it is available for any 4G enabled phone, irrespective of the brand.

Will iPhone users get the Jio SIM with Preview Offer?

Of course, personally checked and found that iPhone users who installed the apps were able to get the SIM card.

A store near my place said that they are not giving the SIM cards except for Samsung and LG users. What do I do?

Have patience and ask if they just got the information from the Jio officials. If not, wait for a day or two, as it takes time for all the Reliance Digital stores to get the information and approval to do so.

I visited a Reliance DX Mini store and they said they aren’t aware of any such offer.

The Reliance Digital Xpress Mini stores are usually limited with the information available and number of SIM cards as well. It is better if you can visit the actual large Reliance Digital store because I’ve usually noticed that the DX stores get information later, and that was the case even with the LYF phones earlier.


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