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    Hello Ritesh.

    Thank you very much for the update. I have a technical blog and its more than 3 years old. The blog is serving a good 4000+ visitors everyday. However, when it comes to monetizing, I find it very difficult to understand what affiliate products should I focus and place on my blog. Please advice. Thank you.

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      Hello Arun

      I will keep it in brief. You can go with the following options:

      1. AdSense
      2. Themes & Hosting promotion using banners (if site is about web development)
      3. Product reviews & comparisons
      4. Promote Clickbank products
      5. In-text ads like Infolinks
      6. or you can offer consultancy services

      There are so many options. You just need to mix everything up to check which one works for you the best 🙂

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