Everyone makes mistakes, in almost everything. Nobody is perfect. From childhood, we start learning things and till the end of the life, we keep on learning things. But still, some mistakes need to be avoided if you want to succeed in life. Like in blogging and affiliate marketing especially. In one of my previous articles, I discussed “5 Mistakes Made by Newbie Bloggers While Writing Blog Posts“. The mistakes mentioned in that article are some common and random ones that I myself made and still make sometimes even after writing that article by my own for others.


Getting success in affiliate marketing is not a hard task at all. Like I discussed My Badass Tricks to Generate More Sales in Affiliate Marketing a few days before. Now generating sales or leads is easy but keep them growing or even maintaining a constant rate could be a hard task. And any mistake can lay a serious impact on your affiliate marketing business which (if we go to the worst part) may result in complete ruining of your business. So without taking more time, let’s discuss some noob mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing to get success.

5 Noob Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

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You hear about a great affiliate program that pays very high commissions and you sign up. But have you ever thought that is there anything for that affiliate marketing program to do with your website? Is that affiliate program going to make any profit? No! it won’t. Nobody is going to purchase a face massage cream from your technology blog.


Have you ever tried it or just speaking in the air?


I myself made this huge mistake. I started my blogging journey using Blogger.com that doesn’t require a web hosting service. But I started promoting a web hosting service on my blog with a thinking “what my customers have to do with it that don’t have a hosting service experience”. Once a buyer asked me, “Is the support team available 24/7?” I was clueless because I myself never tried that hosting service and I replied: “Sorry, I don’t know. I never asked for any help.” That’s my true story. Now do you think after my this reply buyer purchased the web hosting? No obviously!

So never sell something you either don’t understand or don’t have any knowledge about!


Dude are you running a Blog or an eCommerce site?


The word ‘marketing’ in the phrase affiliate marketing means “promoting and selling products or services”. But our job as an affiliate marketer is not to sell anything. That’s the job of the sales page, our affiliate links only lead the reader/customer to.

When I started my first blog, my main aim was to fill my pages with phrases “PURCHASE THIS NOW!”. Now when I see and analyze the beginning of my blogging journey then it’s clear that I didn’t help my readers learn why they should buy that product. My main intention was only to make my readers click my affiliate links which would possibly lead to a commission for me.

So make you main aim to educate as many people as you can. Don’t just be a money minded. When your readers are satisfied with you, automatically they will start purchasing through your links.


Have you ever checked your site’s stats or just waiting for a miracle to happen?


Once I heard a newbie affiliate marketer complaining “I don’t generate affiliate commissions as top affiliate marketers do”. My response in that case, is simply “Have you ever checked your site’s stats that how much hits it’s getting?”. Without a consistently growing traffic, you can’t get success in affiliate marketing. You should check where your site is getting traffic from?, how much?, what keywords is your site ranking for? and many more things. There are many places in the world where people mostly love to use free things then getting traffic from those places is of no use in affiliate marketing.


Hey, I just gave a killer smile the first time that killed almost 100 women at once! Did you take its picture?


This is the biggest mistake I made in my starting days of affiliate marketing. I earned affiliate commission many times and felt extremely happy. But what’s the mistake in it? Actually, I didn’t track the source of my commission. I didn’t track where I get the buyer from.

Tracking your commission’s sources gives you insights about the profitable sectors. Not all the places in this world can generate you same profit. You need to track from where you got the buyer. If you got him from a SERP, then focus on Search Engine Optimization. If you got him from social media, focus on it!

Doing it is very simple. Create unique tracking IDs for your promotion campaign and append them to affiliate links. Now when you generate a commission, you can see which link drove it and where you posted that link.


Affiliate marketing is a very easy task and on the other hand, it’s not. It takes work and lot of effort just like any other job. You have to understand that it’s not an “apply for it and get rich” type of scheme. So do everything smartly and try to avoid mistakes as they may ruin your whole efforts 😉

I hope you liked this article 🙂 Do share your thoughts about this article. Or if you have any other tips that I can add in this article then share them too using the comments box below.


  1. These are the work, every internet marketing guys does to get better results. Great post! My blog is only a couple months old. Good stuff. I’m currently in the process of converting my blog into my website and writing hub to start my platform.


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