Problems are matters or situations regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. There is nobody in this world who doesn’t face problems. From rich to poor, everyone has their own problems.

I am not pretty much sure about the rest of the world but I am an Indian so I know very well the problems an Indian Blogger faces. So let’s discuss them one by one.

What problems do an Indian Blogger faces?

1. No Family Support (Mostly Seen)

Family Support is the biggest motivation for all of us. If the family is supportive then we can solve any problem with an ease but what if your family is demotivating or criticizing you for the things you are interested in? Then certainly you would feel much low and hopeless. Same thing happens with most of the Indian Bloggers.

I myself have seen it happening with many of my friends that their families were not being supportive when they tried to get their hands on their own first blog. They simply disagreed by giving odd reasons like ‘focus on your studies’ or ‘don’t waste money and time’ even if vacations are already going on. I thought about it and finally concluded that it is happening because of some reasons:

  1. Lack of knowledge and awareness among people.
  2. Lack of trust on children spending time online.
  3. Still believes in traditional ways of earning money like from business or job.

If someone is very motivated and passionate about blogging then such type of resistance is just alike handicapping situation. All I can say is just never lose hope. Try to educate them by making them attend public seminars and lectures about internet or blogging so that they can be aware of all the cons and pros of it. Newspaper can be much helpful in this situation. Make them read newspaper or magazines daily especially any particular article related to tech and its pros.

2. Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis

India is still a developing country. The unemployment rate is quite high here. Most of the people could not even fulfil their daily needs like food, education etc. Lack of education is one of the major impacts of this crisis. People spend their whole day in tension about how they can effectively manage their finances. In this kind of critical situation, how one could think of managing a blog and write articles peacefully with a cup of coffee?

3. Social Taunting

Stress because of Social Taunting

One of the biggest problems of India is that people use to taunt each other even if it is not required. Mostly elders do this to their children. They think that by doing so they are doing well for their children’s future. I do agree that taunting can be helpful if done at right time and right place but if it is done all time and everywhere then it can leave a bad impression on children about their elders or condition could even be worse if any of the talks straightly strikes child’s sentiments

The child could feel depressed which can retard mental development. Same thing happens with bloggers too. Whenever someone sees any Blogger spending time on the internet then they simply start thinking that might be he/she is chatting on Facebook. Then the same rumour spreads in the whole social circle of that person which results in unexpected and annoying talks and criticism. When the Blogger comes to know such kinds of rumour about him, it really hurts him so much because he can’t give the explanation to anyone and it could result in lack of motivation and passion.

4. Lack of Resources

If you don’t have instruments then you can’t build a building. The same rule can be applicable to any situation. Without complete resources, you can’t do the things you are thinking of. Like without sketchbook you can’t draw a picture, without a knife you can’t chop vegetables etc. The basic requirements for Blogging are that first of all you should have a personal computer or laptop, then secondly an Internet connection. You can’t operate a blog from a cyber cafe which charges you money on per hour basis. Blogging needs a very peaceful environment. It can take several hours to write a single post so without a personal computer and internet your blog can’t survive.

Final Words!

Problems are part of life. We truly can’t ignore them if they are really going to happen. All we can do is just keep trying. Never say “I am so done trying that’s why I gave up”. I am also an Indian so certainly I myself face such type of problems but I don’t give up. I have a belief that one day I’ll prove myself to everyone that the hard hours I was spending on the internet were not a waste of time.



  1. It’s true, I am also an Indian blogger and facing the same problem. My parents do not have any knowledge what I am doing on the internet (however, they are supporting me). Not only my parents, most of my friends do not have any knowledge about blogging. Most of the people in India follows the conventional rules, “they do what other peoples do”, people are not encouraged to doing new things.


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