If WordPress is the trendiest CMS with most of the websites developed on it, Magento has the characteristic of being highly well-liked CMS for e-commerce. Few of the leading brands involving Levono, Samsung, Nike, Nestle Nespresso, and Fox Connect utilize Magento, and also millions of small and medium eCommerce companies use it across the world.

10 Reasons Why to Use Magento for eCommerce Development

Selecting the accurate eCommerce platform regarding your business can be extremely tough one. But one of the hugely used eCommerce systems in today’s world is none other than Magento. We’ve listed here 10 best reasons why Magento should be used for eCommerce development:

  1. Open Source Magento: Magento approaches in two distinct editions. First is Magento Community Edition that is fully free. You can easily install, change, or utilize this Magento edition in any way you wish to. Second is Magento Enterprise Edition that has its price. Yet the source codes of both these editions are accessible so that the experienced Magento developers can simply modify, and customize in order to establish and amend properly. Thus, this creates Magento customizable and adaptable.
  1. Exclusively designed for eCommerce: Magento is the perfect solution which was built exclusively for eCommerce. The interesting eCommerce features you achieve along with Magento involve handling inventory effectually, user dashboards, product packaging feature, supplier and shipping management, newsletters and CMS. Many of the site owners appreciate these features as they are an important segment of eCommerce solutions.
  1. Community support: Magento is supported with a powerful community support, and developers across the world will assist in creating this software highly feature-rich and vigorous. They will ensure that the eCommerce is updated, better secured, and quick and optimized for excellent performance with changing technology.
  1. Vastly scalable: As your business establishes, Magento too has the ability to scale. It has the capability to include new related features sans interrupting the complete system. You can customize tremendously with Magento. According to your feature needs, you can go with ready extensions, or you can hire Magento developers for crafting extensions.     
  1. SEO Friendly Magento: Magento is greatly an SEO-friendly content management system that can give support to all your marketing plans. It is preloaded with distinct attractive SEO features such as sitemaps, search engine friendly URLs, URL rewrites, layered navigation, keywords, descriptions, Meta tags, and many more.
  1. Spacious and commanding: Magento platform can provide support to almost 500,000 products on one particular website, and can manage more than 80,000 orders per hour. This signifies lot many space available for future development between one or more distinct shopping carts on the same website. Magento includes hosting requirements for finest performances and loading speed because of its size and simplicity. You should make sure that you’ve arranged for additional hosting prices from earlier.
  1. Elevated performance: Magento always excels in quick page loading speed, inquiry processing time as well as other performance strictures. Magento adds the high-end caching techniques like Varnish and other distinct DB optimized techniques that assist in developing your site’s performance.
  1. Integration along with third-party software and solutions: Magento can support a large number of third-party services, which signifies that you can easily integrate database applications, payment gateways, shipping ways, and shipment tracking methods. These services are very easy and fast too. Along with this, the Magento platform is already connected with Google Checkout, Google Analytics, and Google Base.
  1. Smart filtered search for shoppers: Shoppers can surely perk up user experience along with vibrant search results which do filtering of products as per numerous parameters. Magento uses an ideal search terms cloud, product reviews, product tag filters, the capability to configure searching with auto-recommended terms, and freshly compared and viewed products.
  1. Mobile-friendly: Magento can be crafted mobile-friendly effortlessly. It motivates the users to approach the eCommerce websites from any place through devices. It is extremely simple to put up a mobile eCommerce site on the Magento platform. Everything is accessible as significant element of Magento mobile website control, from the audio/video abilities to the drop/drag capabilities. Magento also appears with fresh releases of Magento CE 1.9 as well as Magento EE 1.14. It even provides support to the responsive design by default.

Hence, after going through the above reasons, you would be convinced by now that Magento is the excellent option for eCommerce. So do consider these points and implement Magento for better eCommerce growth!Kristine is a web technology expert and likes to go on long drive in weekends. She works with

This is a guest post by Kristine Wilston. Kristine is a web technology expert and likes to go on long drive in weekends. She works with Essay On Time as a webmaster and performs a successful web content management task.


  1. In the world of eCommerce, there are dozens of tools available to use in custom web design and development. Out of all of those options, Magento is the web’s fastest growing eCommerce platform. Because Magento is an open-source platform, it’s an affordable choice for a whole range of business websites, from small, local stores all the way up to huge international chains.

  2. For a professional looking large e-commerce website, Magento is the best choice. But small time e-commerce sites are well off with WordPress because of it’s ease of use available support.

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    Magento is built on an MVC framework, this open source framework furnishes users with different editions that are meant to benefit the users in an optimum way. The three editions consist of different features that have been designed according to the needs of the online merchants.

    When choosing ecommerce software, make sure that it is search engine as well as user-friendly. OpenCart for example, offers features like multiple languages, about 20 payment options, 8 shipping methods and even multiple currencies.


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