Here we are back again with another hot tutorial @ Blogging Ethics. This time, it’s about giving life to your blog’s lifeless RAW feed. As we all know that Blogger’s default RSS or Atom feeds don’t have any graphical or don’t even have a plain text interface which makes it totally unreadable for us. In the other sense, they are in RAW form which we can’t understand.

Though we can read them using Feed aggregators but what about our other visitors who don’t know how to do so? So for our visitor’s convenience, FeedBurner has created a Browser Friendly feed reader. You just have to Redirect Blogger’s RAW feed to Browser Friendly Feeds and you are done! Let’s see “how?”.

Redirect Blogger Feed to Feedburner Browser Friendly Feed

It’s a very simple process, just follow the steps given below:

NOTE: Don’t follow this step if you already have your FeedBurner ID

  1. Sign in to your FeedBurner account >> Click on the Feed you want to be directed on >> Right click on the first icon below your Feed’s name >> Copy Link Address.
    (Now keep this copied feed address carefully in a Notepad or Word Document file)
  2. Log in to your Blogger Account then Dashboard >> Settings
  3. Settings >> Other >> Click on “Add” button (placed in front of Post Feed Redirect URL Option).Redirect
  4. A blank box will open. Now paste that copied FeedBurner ID (from STEP 1) into this box and Click on Save Settings button (placed at Top Right Corner, below your Profile Image).


That’s all!

Now you can see your blog’s default feeds are redirecting to FeedBurner’s Browser Friendly feed. For this paste the following link in your browser’s Address bar and then press Enter:
NOTE: Replace blogname with your sub-domain name or replace with your own domain name if you have one.

We hope you enjoyed. If you have any doubt related to this tutorial then feel free to ask it in comments.



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