In last few months, I entirely changed my way to blog that I was doing earlier. I realized so many things. I realized that writing your mind or writing content just for readers won’t lay best results. That’s a mere fact that yeah readers are ultimately going to read your blog. But… But I have to make sure my content should also be loved by big daddy Google and other search engines.

Earlier I didn’t focus on link building, interlinking, keyword research and in short if I say, I didn’t focus on SEO. Because of my this habit, my search based traffic was quite low in comparison to today. When I saw people of my same age writing Plagiarized content and still getting thousands of search based impressions daily then a bell rang in my mind. It was an alarming situation for me. I realized that a bird named “SEO” exists that is missing from my website’s cage.

Reason behind “Why I always fell behind?” when it comes on search based traffic is that I never checked my site’s analytics stats board and apart of it, I always ignored the value of Keywords research too. That was the beginning of my new research. I started learning more about SEO.

Now “Why I didn’t focus on SEO or Keyword Research?”, answer is quite simple, until you are a scientist or a person with growing seventh sense from childhood, you won’t find Keyword research interesting LOL! Yes it’s a fact. As for keyword research, there has been no direct or single way so far. Even if you manage to curate some keywords and polish your articles with them then also the time google takes to reflect the changes normally are quite enough to break all the hopes in you :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it sounds pretty sarcastic but for every newbie or even for some experienced ones too, scene is same. But not now 😉 With a revolutionary tool known as SEMrush you’ve got it all that needs to take your site over the top of the SERPs by beating down your competitors.

So, let’s get started with “SEMrush Review – Best Competitive Analysis & Keyword Tool”.

Before we proceed, let’s understand a basic term that will be mentioned many times in this SEMrush Review:

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a practice to find and research actual search terms people enter in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) when conducting a search. Research keywords is a necessary step in order to achieve better rankings in search engines.

SEMrush Review – Best Competitive Analysis & Keywords Tool

SEMrush Review - Best Competitive Analysis & Keyword Tool

What is SEMrush?

During my research about SEO and Keyword Research, I came across many SEO tools (both free and paid). Every SEO tool works in a different way according to the purpose of its creation. SEMrush is a both free and paid tool to research competitors keyword and also find keywords for your site. It provides you clusters of data or in an informal way, it provides you “The Secret Formula” behind any website on the internet.

SEMrush is one of the most crucial SEM (search engine marketing) tool that every serious Blogger or Internet Marketer must have in their SEO tools recipe.

About SEMrush

SEMrush is a product from the makers of SEOQuake that’s a very popular SEO add-on for Firefox browser. At the time I’m writing this review, SEMrush has 45,000,000+ domains, 470,032 users and 106,600,000+ keywords in their database inventory.

What does SEMrush do for you?

SEMrush scrutinizes websites that helps you to find keywords the websites are ranking for. Even you can get more statistical detail regarding keywords or related keywords which you can rank for by beating the competition. Sounds onerous, right? But it’s not 😉

Just enter your competitor’s URL in that cryptic search bar and you’ll be piled with data such as:

  • Organic positions and changes
  • Advertising positions
  • PLA (product listing ad) Positions
  • Backlinks Overview
  • Referring Domains
  • Indexed Pages
  • Keywords Information
  • Position Tracking
  • and much more…


1. Competitor Analysis

This feature generates a report that lists domains the queried domain is competing against in Google’s top 20 organic search results.

Competitor Analysis

Now, let me explain all the fields of this SEMrush report page:

  1. Domain: the queried domain competing against in organic search.
  2. Competition Level: this metric is based on the analysis of the number of keywords of each domain, and the number of the domain’s common keywords. If the domains have a high number of common keywords, they could be considered competitors.
  3. Common keywords: the same keywords for the given and queried domains ranking in Google’s top 20 organic search results.
  4. SE Keywords: keywords bringing users to the website via Google’s top 20 organic search results.
  5. SE Traffic: traffic brought to the website via Google’s top 20 organic search results.
  6. SE Traffic Price: estimated price of organic keywords in Google AdWords.
  7. Ads Keywords: keywords the website is buying in Google AdWords for ads that appear in paid search results.

2. Backlinks Analysis

Make effective use of this feature to steal your competitor’s backlinks as well.

Backlinks Analysis

Now when you know where your competitor is getting backlinks from, use that information to build quality backlinks for your site as well 😉

MUST CHECK: Cleverly Build Backlinks Using Your Competitor’s Alexa Stats

3. Organic Search Positions

SEMrush is the best keyword position tool. Using its feature, you can check organic positions for a domain name or URL, and organic competitors and potential traffic buyers for domain name.

Organic Search Positions

Top Keywords of

4. Competitor Keyword Research

This tool is a kind of thief in the keyword research and there is nothing that can beat it. I often seen beginners who just started and are clueless as where to begin keyword research and what kind of keywords to employ. This is where SEMrush can come to their rescue.

Keyword Statistics

With SEMrush, you can find someone else’s keyword.

5. Site Audit Tool (Room for Improvement)

Everyone thinks he/she is perfect (not sure about others though but I do :stuck_out_tongue:). Before checking SEMrush’s Site Audit Tool I was in a misbelief that I’m doing everything good with my site. But after that clever site audit scan using SEMrush I was just like “OMG!!!”. It generated a complete report in few minutes. Report showed me all the errors and issues in my blog including internal broken links, external broken links, missing alt tag on images, used nofollow attribute for internal links, etc.

Site audit tool

So without wasting a single minute I started fixing all those errors and issues in my blog.

As you know Google hates unoptimized sites with lots of errors. Google’s pets, Panda and Penguin bites your site whenever they catch such sites :stuck_out_tongue: So that could be a major invite for Google Panda :panda_face: and Penguin :penguin: to my site but fortunately I saved my site from such penalty and now I can observe a consistent improvement in traffic.

How to use SEMrush?

So maybe you got basic idea about SEMrush now. Let’s proceed with how to use it. Simply signup and get access to your dashboard.

SEMrush Dashboard

Now enter any site into the domain field above and let the magic begin 😀

SEMrush Search Bar

Why You should start using SEMrush Keyword Tool right away?

By using SEMrush, you can find keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor website. Now you can easily beat down your competitor by writing quality content based on that keyword and get better position for target keyword in your niche. In this way you can target keywords for your site.

For the above written quote: you should never be scared of getting beaten down by your competitor using the same strategy as there are many other factors too which results in higher ranking of your targeted keyword.

NOTE: SEMrush works best with PRO account as you get complete reports but for starters, you can always start with a free account and once you are familiar with its features (that won’t take much time anyway) then you can upgrade to pro account for getting complete detailed analysis of your and your competitor website.

Plans & Prices:

Their prices are very reasonable as they give you behind the scene data of any website 😉

SEMrush Plans & Pricing

SignUp for a Free SEMrush account Today!

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Final Words!

All I can say is that SEMrush is an essential keyword research tool. If you are serious about your blog particularly in Money making and internet marketing then you should give it a try anyway. Use our coupon to get access to SEMrush Pro trial for 14 days for Free!

Have you tried SEMrush? Did it help you in beating down the competition? How was your experience? Do share your experience with us 🙂



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