One of biggest challenge email marketers face is how to increase email deliverability, i.e. how to avoid spam filters and get as many emails into the recipient’s Inbox as possible. However, this is not something that is hard to do if you know how. Just follow a few golden rules in email marketing and you will see an increase in your deliverability rate.

Tips for Sending Bulk Emails and have High Deliverability Rates

Tips for Sending Bulk Emails and have High Deliverability Rates:

Rule #1: Ensure Your Recipients Opted In For Your Emails

A few years ago, purchasing email lists is a popular way to create instant mailing list. However, this is ethically wrong and can land you in trouble now. It also gives a bad impression on your brand.

Instead, you should only send emails to those who had explicitly consented to receive your emails/newsletters. Have an opt-in box for customers to check to give you the permission to send them emails.

Rule #2: Use Double Opt-In

It will be even better if you only send your mass emails to those who have double opted in. By doing this, you are certain that your recipients really want to read your emails, and you will for sure have a very low bounce and unsubscribe rate.

Rule #3: Able To Opt-Out

There are times when your subscribers do not wish to receive emails or newsletters from you anymore. Respect these decisions. Include an “Unsubscribe” link in your emails that will allow them to opt-out of the mailing list easily. Alternatively, you can request the customers to email you back with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject.

Rule #4: Consider Using A Bulk Email Marketing Software

Good bulk email marketing software, like Thunder Mailer, SendGrid and MailGun can make a lot of difference between having high deliverability rate and being considered a spammer. They have the necessary features and tools in place to help you diagnose and solve challenges in bulk email marketing.

Thunder Mailer is a popular mass email program albeit still relatively new; while SendGrid and MailGun are very well know SMTP service providers. They also provide email and newsletter marketing features.

Rule #5: Maintain A Reasonable Volume

Sending too many emails at once can trigger red flags with anti-spam software. Try to keep your email campaigns in low volume. There is no hard and fast rule about how many emails are considered too many but sending more than 1,000 identical emails at the same time is too many.

Rule #6: Avoid Single Large Images

Don’t send your email in a single image format. Some old email clients do not support HTML format and hence, not all your recipients will be able to view your email content properly. And too many images can also make spam filter suspicious. Therefore, always include more text than images.

Rule #7: Use A Static IP Address

These days, a lot of mail servers have anti-spam software which blocks off emails sent from dynamic IP addresses. A dynamic IP address is an email address which changes every time you connect to the Internet. Instead, you should send via a static IP address to ensure deliverability. You can easily obtain a static IP address via your ISP or your web hosting provider for some additional monthly charges.

Rule #8: Valid Sender Email Address

The first thing your recipients will look for when they receive emails is, obviously, the person who sent it. Therefore, the “sender” field is very crucial in determining whether your email gets opened or junked. In other words, a recognized sender will get their emails opened compared to an unrecognized sender. So, you should avoid using meaningless “from” email addresses like “[email protected]…” and “[email protected]…”.


One last piece of advice – do monitor your email campaigns for deliverability. Constantly remove bounced or undelivered emails. This way, you will not only be able to ensure a healthier email list but also be able to improve your deliverability rates.


  1. I like Aweber but their monthly pricing is very expensive especially if you have a big mailing list and need to send thousands of emails a month. In the end, I switched to using Thunder Mailer and MailGun, this combination proved to be a perfect match! I can send tens of thousands of emails at a fraction of the cost compared to if I were to continue to use Aweber.


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