Link monetizing is a very clever yet legit strategy to make money online. If you own a website, or you’re a content curator, or you just love to share posts on social media, link shortening comes in handy to make some money out of your efforts.

While we were wondering which link shortening service would be best for us, we never knew there are other ways too to earn from links apart from just shortening them. When we came across, we realised that they have taken the way to monetize links to an entirely new level. has been one of the top link shortening and monetizing services on all over the web and our favourite one too. Brings New Statistics Dashboard and Pop-up Ads Brings New Statistics Dashboard and Pop-up Ads

With their recent update, dashboard statistics reporting is now even more powerful and explaining. They have come up with this new layout and ways to filter statistical data according to the feedbacks they collected over a long period of time. This is not the only part of this update, they have come up with new monetization techniques that actually make stand out of the crowd. What would that be? To answer that in brief, we would say “The Power of Pop-Ups”. Yes, you heard it right.

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If we see it carefully then Pop-up advertisement is one of the few ad types that has survived this era of ad blocking and most successful too. Pop-ups are still desired by many website owners as this ad type actually doesn’t disturb any layout or content of the website. It takes its own place at the time of some action made by the reader like clicking on the link or opening a page or leaving it.

With, you have the choice to control the action that will trigger the advertisement. According to what wouldn’t annoy your visitors, choose the trigger actions such as Links, Entries, Exits and Pop ads. Entries and Exits are actually interstitial ad types.


1. More detailed graph: In your statistics section, if you hover over the bars (each bar represents a day by default) in your graph, they will show you exact income on that particular day from all the sources like shortened links, referrals, and web scripts.

More detailed statistics graph and sorting

2. Sorting: If you want to know the income of the current day and not the others, now you can do it. Simply select the date from the drop down menu. Also, if you want to know income from a particular source then that’s also possible. Simply select the source from the drop-down menu and it will show you up detailed income report for that source.

Sorting has been established by dividing your income sources into three different parts. Below is their detailed information:

  • Website Scripts: this section is for website owners. It will show up detailed information about all the tools that drove you income through your website. If you are using Popups, it will show up all the trigger-wise views over them and the money they generated.Income from Website Scripts
  • Short links: if you’ve monetized links by shortening them, this section will show the views on them and the generated cash. You can check the link-wise stats such as views on a particular link and money it generated or you can check the day or week-wise stats.Income from Short Links
  • Referrals: this section is the most impressive improvement. Now you can keep an eye on all your referrals, referrals referred on a particular day, and money generated by them.Income from Referrals

NEW POWERFUL POP-UPS have a new Website Monetization link in Tools menu now. When you click and land on the destination page, it has 4 options; Links, Entries, Exits, and Pop Ads. If you want only Pop Up ads then disable the others. Click on “Generate Script” and it will generate a code for you that you’ll have to add before of all the pages you want to show them up on.

Pop Ads Generate Script

Every visitor will see only one ad in 24 hours. So, it won’t look spammy and annoying at all.

What do you think of this new and improved Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below ?

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