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      Thanks Abhirath for your comment and adding more value. Both Genesis and Thesis are the best and top-rated frameworks for WordPress. Both of them have their own cons and pros on each other. When I migrated from Blogger to WordPress, I used Thesis as my first Premium Theme and my experience was not so good that’s why later on I changed my framework to Genesis and enjoying it till the date with no compatibility issues. On the other hand famous bloggers like Neil Patel and Matt Cutts are using Thesis on their site. It depends on which one’s interface is understandable for you. Now the choice is yours.

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    Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Was really Helpful. Highly Appreciate it.
    I am also using Genesis with Dynamik theme. Searched for adding this pic near post and found your blog.

    Really Easy Tutorial. Thanks Again.

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    Hello Ritesh,

    I used the code but it throw some parsing error at me even though I didn’t modify anything in the snippet. Can you use the code in a text file or something? Thanks

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      Hello Susanta,

      I’ve checked the code and everything is working just fine. Make sure you have copied it completely. If still it shows that error, paste the code in a notepad file first. Then copy that code from notepad and paste it in your functions.php file. It will work. Let me know if still it is not working 🙂

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