Bootloop means your phone doesn’t boots up, neither shuts down. The phone continues to show the boot animation screen and continues until your device’s battery exhausts and it automatically turns off.

This is an annoying thing, for a newbie, it’s frightening too. It happens when your operating system fails to load due to some error. As the word goes, bootloop is when the boot process is ‘looped’ over and over again, without a successful start up of the system.

Below is an illustration of an endless Xperia L bootloop:


What is Bootloader?

From the security point of view, a bootloader is a code that is executed before any Operating System starts to run. The concept of the bootloader is universal to almost all Operating systems that inculcate operating systems on your PC, laptop, smartphones, and other such devices.

Bootloader basically packages the instructions to boot operating system kernel and most of them also have their own debugging or modification environment.

What to do if your Xperia L got stuck in Bootloop after unlocking Bootloader?

Devices with recovery partition are easy to recover from this hell. All you need to do is just wipe caches. Not always but yeah most of the times it sorts out the issue. As your device is currently on stock firmware with no root access, the only thing you can do is: reflashing your device with Xperia L stock firmware ROM. How? Check the steps below:

1. Download and Install Flashtool. Most probably it will be installed here: C:\Flashtool

2. Now go through “drivers” folder in “Flashtool” folder and install Flashtool-drivers.exe from there.

3. On ‘choose components’ screen, it will ask for drivers you want to install. Select Flashmode Drivers, Fastboot Drivers and Common Drivers for Taoshan board.

NOTE: While installing the drivers your windows might show you security warnings several times. Just click on “Install this driver software anyway”.

Security Warning

4. Now download Sony Xperia L stock .ftf (ROM/firmware) from the web if you don’t have already.

5. After it place it in the “firmwares” folder located in Flashtool folder.

Firmwares Folder

We are done doing all the preparations. Now we can proceed to the flashing part.

6. Click on the Thunder icon with the title “Flash Device”.

Flash Device

7. Now select “Flash Mode”.

Flash Mode

8. Now, this window will show up. Please select the ROM you want to flash and follow the prompts.

NOTE: Before you click on “Flash” make sure Wipe “CACHE” and “DATA” are ticked.

Firmware Selector

Then click on flash.

9. It will take a while to prepare the files for flashing. After it this window will show up.

Plug the device in Flash Mode

The picture says the following:

  1. Unplug your device from your PC.
  2. Power OFF the device (Turn your phone OFF).
  3. Hold down the (VOLUME DOWN button).
  4. While holding the VOLUME DOWN button plug your phone back to your PC.

10. On successful connection, flashing process will start. Please wait until it gets finished.

Flashing Process

That’s it!

You’re all done. Now remove the battery of your Xperia L and insert it again. Power up your Xperia L and it will start like a charm without any bootloops.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you feel any doubt while following any of the steps then just post a comment below.

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    • There are two things you can do:

      1. Make sure you are flashing your device with correct ROM. ROM should be of same build version as of your device. If compiled by you using any tool, then make sure you include every file while compiling, leaving TA Partition files.

      2. If you are sure that there is nothing wrong with ROM then remove your device’s battery and reinsert after 1 minute.

      This should fix your issue. If you are still facing any issue then feel free to ask.

      • It worked.. n my phone is on… thaaaankssss aaaaa looooot.
        but i have a question… the bootlader unlocking dt i did which caused this mishap.. is it locked again?

          • You can check your phone’s Bootloader Status using this method:

            Go to calls, enter *#*#7378423#*#* and go to service info and then configuration.

  1. on the last stage of flashing it is showing these two errors –
    1-For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode
    2-Drivers need to be installed for connected device.
    and i actully installed those three drivers Flashmode Drivers, Fastboot Drivers and Common Drivers for Taoshan board.

  2. Hi Ritesh,

    The problem I’m facing is that I can’t get a hold of the STock ftf ROM through the link you’ve posted. My device cannot connect to PC companion as it’s obviously stuck in the screen animation bootloop so can’t proceed with the next steps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I have unlocked the bootloader and now my C2104 xperia l is in boot loop. Every time i am trying to flash it with stock rom it is showing….Device connected with USB debugging off and second line as For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode…. please help…

    • It mostly happens because of improper driver installation or no driver installation. Make sure you’ve installed all necessary drivers from drivers folder in Flashtool root folder. Then restart you PC. Internet is also needed during this process because device automatically downloads and installs ADB drivers so make sure you’ve a working internet connection.

      Let me know if still it doesn’t works 🙂

  4. Hey Ritesh brother can i download and install any firmware version from the link you provided to William using this method? Mine xperia l also stuck at bootloop 🙁

    • Hi Vinay. Yes you can also use the same firmware as you too have Xperia L. Just make sure if your phone was on latest firmware version 4.2.2 before getting stuck into bootloop 🙂

  5. thanku my dear friend for ur help! Everything done ! no more bootloops 🙂
    can i install any ftf rom using this Flashtool method?

    • I’m glad it worked 🙂

      Yes. Flashtool is made for that thing only. So feel free to flash ftf firmwares using flashtool. But make sure you are flashing firmware of your device only :p

    • Disconnect your device >> Restart your computer >> Remove phone’s battery >> Then insert again >> Then connect and try again

  6. Hi

    my xperia L c2105 is stuck on boot loop. actually i rooted my phone successfully but didnot install any custom roms.. i tried installing a theme and on reboot got stuck. Will this method work? Please help

  7. hi

    my xperia l stuck at bootloop

    after downloading ftf for 15.3.a.1.14 and move it to flashtool firmware folder, it can’t read that ftf. only relock ftf from install default. help please

  8. hi
    my xperia l stuck at bootloop

    after downloading ftf for 15.3.a.1.14 and move it to flashtool firmware folder,But flashtool can’t read 15.3.a.1.14. ftf file it only show relock .ftf file help please

  9. I need urgent help i m freaking out..i have xoeroa m dual , i tried to unlock bootloader and faced bootloop, but most foolosh thing i done is after that i installed cwm using” fastboot fast boot boot.img’ in fastboot mode, i now downloaded ftf for xperua m dual, and flashtool, but when i connect my phone by presing down button, green light blinks and goes, error in flashtool shows driver error,i installed flashtool.exe present there, and i had installed minimal adb and fastboot and pdanet, now when i open fastboot and type fastboot devices it shows me decice code. Plz help bhai, plz i beg you. Plz bhai

    • There are few things you can do for the same:

      1. Remove your phone’s battery, insert it back again.
      2. Then restart your pc and try again
      3. Make sure your Flashtool is updated and on latest build
      4. Make sure all the drivers for ADB, Fastboot, and all other device specific rivers are already installed

      I hope it will help 🙂

    • Most probably because of corrupt rom that you are flashing or any of the essential driver is missing. Make sure you’ve installed all the necessary drivers from flashtool drivers installer.

  10. I have same problem. After unlocking bootloader my phone is in bootloop condition. Can i try this method because my phone is xperia m

  11. Witnessing the infinite bootloop was the worst nightmare but I am glad I stumbled upon this very helpful post of yours to get out of that misery…thank you so much Ritesh 🙂

  12. Hi, good to see its working for most of people. Now the thing is I’m having Xperia C (c2305) which is in bootloop. It is rooted with cyanogen mod. and the nightmare is here> Xperia C has non-removable battery! how to go about this? need help badly 🙁

  13. Got a quick query Ritesh- will I be able to use the Flashtool to flash stock rom (which is in tar.gz format) in my iBall Slide 7236 2G tablet? please clarify.

  14. After I unlocked my bootloader I flashed a custom boot.IMG file through fastboot mode and then through the recovery I flashed the latest lollipop ROM. Now I am facing issues with the ROM. So can I just flash this ftf now?

  15. How will i be able to successfully connect my device in sony pc companion since my xperia L is stuck loading 🙁 thanks… pls reply

  16. But my phone USB debugging is off
    How can I on it
    I can’t go into the phone itself
    Stuck on Sony logo
    my phone is xperia tx

  17. At the last step 10, I’m stuck with flashtool not showing the last INFO-Device connected in flashmode message though i waited for long time, it only shows upto INFO- For flashtool, Unknown sources and Debugging must be checked in phone settings. And my Xperia L phone is still in bootloop??

  18. i cant flash it i get this all the time
    6 – INFO – Opening TA partition 2
    20/003/2015 08:03:06 – INFO – Current device : C2104 – ZH8000TJWD – 1272-2375_R4B – 1269-5420_15.3.A.1.17 – WORLD-a_15.3.A.1.17
    20/003/2015 08:03:06 – INFO – Closing TA partition
    20/003/2015 08:03:06 – INFO – Start Flashing
    20/003/2015 08:03:06 – INFO – Processing loader.sin
    20/003/2015 08:03:06 – INFO – Checking header
    20/003/2015 08:03:06 – INFO – Flashing data
    20/003/2015 08:03:06 – INFO – Loader : S1_Root_dbe9 – Version : loader_MSM8X30_10 / Boot version : S1_Boot_MSM_8X30_R1_25 / Bootloader status : ROOTED
    20/003/2015 08:03:07 – INFO – Transfer buffer size : 262144
    20/003/2015 08:03:07 – INFO – You must have the according fsc script to flash this device.
    20/003/2015 08:03:07 – INFO – Flashing finished.
    20/003/2015 08:03:07 – INFO – Please unplug and start your phone
    20/003/2015 08:03:07 – INFO – For flashtool, Unknown Sources and Debugging must be checked in phone settings

  19. Thanks for the help!

    However, I get the following message in Flashtool whilst trying to flash the device:

    “You must have the according fsc script to flash this device.”

    Any idea?

  20. Hi,
    I hav xperia m and in order to unlock bootloader I also got the same problem.
    thanx to u…………..i could successfully flash my phone…but I really need to unlock bootloader of my xperia m so plz tell me how 2 do it without struck in the “BOOTLOOP”.
    plz plz i really need 2 do it…..
    help me out….here..

  21. The reason why it say you need the fsc script is becos the latest flashtool require fsc script to flash and it doesnt support all xperia phone espicially one like ours….so you can fix that by using older version of flashtool …i did it and it work….i hope i help you with that problem…to those people who still have that issue

  22. I have another problem i hope the others dont get it when they unlock the bootloader …your process work smoothly….but i got another prob you gotta help me…after unlocking the bootloader my phone xperia l began having network fluctuation after that now it doesnt even detect the sim anymore from xda developer i learned that the problem is due to security put by sony called counter blocked ….please can you find fix for this problem
    Thnk you

  23. Hey Guys Thanks a ton!!
    Ritesh & Mathew BOTH! .

    I was facing xactly same issue what Mathew was facing and was struggling really hard to resolve it.

    The problem was the flash tool new version and my initial corrupted ftf. Both things ended me spending terrible nights flashing again and again with alternate solutions from xda. Nothing worked.

    With Old version of flashtool and a fresh copy of ftf saved my day.

    But thanks to u guys!! Specially Ritesh!! Glad u do help such kind of issues tho the phone and the android version is totally outdated.

    Cheers… Keep the good work coming!!

    • Hello Prasad. I’m happy that you managed to settle your issues. It is my honor if I was able to help you in any way 🙂 Thanks for writing your comment and adding more value.
      ~ Regards ~

  24. Thanks a lot… It worked! and now I wanna install latest Lollipop ROM in my Xperia L.. Anyone please tell me how can I do that?


  26. after unlocking bootloader of my xperia m C1904 it has gone into infinite bootloop mode please tell me can this above instructions will work in my device…
    and from where i can get the…………..C1904 jelly bean 4.3 FTF file …..SEND ME LINK OF FTF FILE PLZZZZZZ…….!!!! HELP !!!!

  27. My xperia m is stuck into bootloop, I have tried flashing stock ftf using flashtool but this error, Processing of loader.sin finished with errors. and I am unable to proceed further. Please help.

    • Reinstall drivers for your device and restart your PC. It will solve the issue for sure. If it doesn’t, then if you’ve any of these softwares installed: BlueStacks, Youwave, and Virtual Box then simply uninstall them. If still it doesn’t works then let me know.

  28. broo.. i got an error ..dumping TA aborted.
    i dont know the reason.may be ftf file is corrupted but it is getting ectracted with 7zip.

    • Which version of flashtool are you running? This error has been seen with version or above. You might want to download the old version of flashtool and try again, see if it works on

  29. As my phone is struck at boot animation i am not able to find out the version of my phone.
    can anybody tell me which file i should download from xda.

    i live in India and my phone was updated to latest software version.
    phone is xperia l C2105

  30. Hey there, this is my first time by here and have a problem almost like others. i’ve an xperia M and had a simlock issue. i tried to flash with an android 4.2 but still the same. i tried with a 4.3 but after unlocking bootloader, stucked at animation window. plz help me, i don’t know what to do

  31. i need help

    i got bootloop.(xperia L)..i has rooted my phone and i was tried another firmware xperia m…for try a upgrade for 4.4.2…i when was unlock bootloader it was started to bootloop..

    where to download required drivers?

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    I hope I will see again..


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