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Why Every Blogger Should Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

I would like to thank Ritesh for publishing this article. His site is brilliant for anyone looking for tips and tricks to start or improve their own blog or earn income online. After reading about VPNs, I highly recommend you check out this article for other advice about online security


Blogger Tips & Tricks

How to Hide Specific Posts from Blogger Homepage?

Here we are with another Blogger template customization trick @ Blogging Ethics. Actually, sometimes we publish some posts that we don’t want to be seen by others. These posts could be any test posts or a static page which you don’t want to be shown up on your blog’s homepage. Or



Redirect Blogger Feed to Feedburner Browser Friendly Feed

Here we are back again with another hot tutorial @ Blogging Ethics. This time, it’s about giving life to your blog’s lifeless RAW feed. As we all know that Blogger’s default RSS or Atom feeds don’t have any graphical or don’t even have a plain text interface which makes it totally unreadable