5 things to avoid while Blogging in 2017 to rank better

5 things to avoid while blogging in 2017

Bad practices kill a good blog post and good practices make it grow. That is about as short, sweet and honest as I will be within this blog post about that. Do you know why Matt Cutts put out his verdict about the death of guest blogging for link building? Because many bloggers have had a hard time being subtle and content driven in their blog. The moment you give up delivering quality content and become commercially oriented then that spell G-A-M-E O-V-E-R for your blog and even your road as a blogger.


The following is a carefully constructed piece of practices that you should not be attempting in 2017 or anytime in the future. Your audience, Google and even your business has other expectations from you now.

5 Things to Avoid While Blogging in 2015

1. Link Building for Guest Blogging

Simply put, Guest blogging has become a bit too littered with spam and over marketing of commercial links. This in turn means that the content on guest posts which was always a mark of pride for most writers has instead been instead been turned into a badly written marketing campaign.

By this I do not mean to drop it completely because the problem with link building only occurs when your content is seen as excessively promotional. If you can deliver the quality in your content, answer the queries that your audience has and engage with the topic then you are still good to go with this practice. However lessen the frequency because Google’s ranking priorities with guest blogging is bound to change.

2. Copying Titles

Here’s the best advice for this: don’t do this. Even if you are going to give me different content under an identical headline I will have a hard time rating that post very highly. Psychologically, it just does not register very well in the reader’s mind when they realise that there is an article out there with the exact same title that they have read.

And I know some marketers put it out cleverly to register a different or counteracting opinion but that is doable without replicating the title as well and it gives out a better impression in the mind of the reader. Remember the repertoire of a blogger is gauged upon their ability to deliver content that is their own.

3. Over-focusing on Tools

Blogging tools have become commonplace in today’s digital paradigm, every blogger is pitched about them and how they can help you optimise your content sharing techniques. And by no means do I dismiss them as bad or ineffective. However there is a limit when you start depending on these tools to the extent of overlooking your own writing.

Use these tools but remember each of your posts is a part of your perspective, almost like your soul even and no tool or software can compensate for that. You may generate a few more likes via the tools but ultimately you have to deliver on quality.

4. Irrelevant writing

Your post title and your body must have a link. And that is an absolute must otherwise you will not see too much of positive content on your comments’ section. And I know a lot of you feel that even a bit of controversy within the comments is an all right flavor to carry for your blog. But just remember that Google does not appreciate content that is not in-line with the title of the post or the niche of the website.

This goes double for you if you are a website that is featuring content on your site that has little to do with your own business niche. It’s a bad choice because it sparks off questions within your readers about your own niche and specialty.

5. Do not stuff images

This is a tricky one. Images and photos do add interactivity to a blog and make them more engaging to read. But on the other hand, stuff them too much within a blog post and you can wave your visibility and readability goodbye. Again your reader will appreciate being able to visualise the concepts you put in but if he does not read something good then that blog post will never be rated as highly as it should be.


So at the start of 2017 year, we sit with a few changes made to our blogging paradigm. Sit down with a cup of coffee and start ironing your blog out. It will make your website shine all the more.