Cleverly Build Backlinks Using Your Competitor’s Alexa Stats

Clever Trick of Extensive Link Building Using Competitor's Alexa Stats

We do so much hard work in growing a totally unknown site to bring its own identity on the web. There are few things that decide your site’s popularity. One of them is Alexa Rank. Increasing backlinks or inbound links contribute to higher PageRank. Some people think building backlinks is an easy task. But friend backlinking isn’t that easy as it seems to be. Especially if you don’t know what/how to do. Websites out there on the web are so clever these days.

You submit your site link to directories such as DMOZ, answer questions at Yahoo Answers, comment on other sites and many more effortful stuff to create high quality backlinks. But still not getting the desired results! Why? Because all those are traditional link building strategies that every blogger follows. You can increase backlinks easily, but from High PR sites, task could be a bit tricky because most of the High PR sites assigns “no-follow” attribute to the external links.

Cleverly Build Backlinks Using Your Competitor's Alexa Stats

Do you have any idea about the trick we are about to doing over here? No! HaHa I know you don’t know because I haven’t given you any hint yet. Ok one hint is hidden inside the post title. Still don’t know? Ok. Have you really noticed this article’s title? If not then it’s time to read it carefully again. I have written Cleverly Build Backlinks “Using Your Competitor’s Alexa Stats”. What exactly is this “Using Your Competitor’s Alexa Stats” part of the title?

Alexa is the web information company. It tells us details like Site’s Global Rank, Country Rank, Bounce Rate, Daily Page views per Visitor, Daily Time on Site etc. Even you can get more detailed stats such as Site Audit, Total Sites Linking, and Site Logo etc. if you switch to pro version which is available for paid members only.

Now in our trick, we will use competitor site’s linking details. Site links column includes a section that shows the Top 5 links which are linking to that particular site. Moreover, it also tells us which page of the site is giving that link. I guess this info will be enough to get the basic idea about the best place to get the backlinks from 😉

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The only limitation of this method is that we can see only Top 5 backlinks, not all. You can see all only if you are a pro or paid member.

How to Build Backlinks Using Your Competitor’s Alexa Stats?

STEP 1 (Reach to Site Linking Details)

To analyze from where your competitors are getting backlinks, we have to check site’s linking details given by Follow the steps given below:

1. Download and Install Alexa Extension to your browser.

NOTE: Skip this step if you have Alexa Extension or Toolbar already installed in your browser.

2. Now open your competitor’s site. After complete loading of the page, click on the Alexa Extension located at the top-right side of your browser.

Alexa Extension

NOTE: I’m taking itself as a Competitor in the Demonstration Screenshots. You have to do the same for your competitors.

3. After clicking on it, an iFrame window will open. Press Mouse Left Button on the site link (such as in that iFrame Window.

4. If you’ve correctly followed the above steps then you should end up to something like this:

Alexa Site Stats

5. Now scroll down to the “What sites link to” section on that page.

Alexa Site Links

There you will see a list of top 5 sites linking to Although pro users can see the complete list of site linking.

STEP 2 (Time to do a little research)

After following the above-given steps, we are finally on the page which tells where else we could have some chances to get some backlinks. Now it is time to do some research on the basis of information we got from site linking page. Visit the pages one by one and see if there is any chance to get backlinks.

  • Chances are you will find the landing page to be a forum post or any article where the link is in the comments section.
  • If it is any membership page then you can also join by signing up to that site to get a free backlink.
  • If it’s any profile creation website such as Facebook, then sign up for your profile and add you link there.
  • It it’s a blog/website directory then try to submit your site there to get a backlink.
  • If it is any forum and you feel like you can ask your queries or answers other’s, then do it. In this way you are building backlinks without even violating any policies by spamming there 🙂

Some useful tips:

  • Make a list of your top competitors.
  • Repeat the same process for everyone.
  • But remember one thing, you don’t have to spam.
  • This trick is all about to get some basic idea about from where you could get some backlinks.

What’s next?

After following this trick to build backlinks for your site, it’s time to see the results. Wait for at least 24hours to get your backlinks passed through link juice and indexed by Google. After that, you can use online backlinks checker like Backlink Watch, Backlink Checker tool by Small SEO Tools, and Rank Signals to see the increased number of your backlinks.


It’s not necessary that this trick will help you to build as many backlinks as your competitor do. But it will surely help you a lot to explore the best places to get some backlinks from.

If you have tried this trick then feel to share your experience in the comments section below 😉

How to Get dofollow Backlinks from Yahoo Answers?

Backlink from Yahoo Answers

How many backlinks does your blog have? If quite low then it’s time to build some. I already discussed about Getting Backlinks from YouTube and Imgur in our earlier posts. This time it is about getting dofollow backlink from PR9 site Yahoo Answers.

Backlink from Yahoo Answers

Well I am not writing much in this article to make it much easier to read and understand.

How to Get dofollow Backlinks from Yahoo Answers?

Getting dofollow backlinks from Yahoo Answers is not a big deal. You just need to put your links in your Answers and on your profile; all links will be appended with rel=”dofollow” attribute. This task was much easier for previously registered users but it could be little time-consuming for newly registered users as they need to raise their level in Yahoo Answers to 2 to get dofollow backlinks. It is simply because of growing number of spam for the sake of free backlinks.

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After increasing your Level to 2 now you’re ready to gain some High PR Backlinks but Don’t spam otherwise your account will be suspended without any prior warning.

Final Words!

The above given method is the simplest so far which I found after hours of googling about it.


How to get dofollow backlinks from

30 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks For Your Site in 2017

Hello Readers. I asked the same question in my so many earlier posts too and this time again I am repeating it: Is your site performing well in search results? Well, if not then solution is still same and that is: Build quality backlinks. Increasing backlinks is not a difficult task that’s why most of your backlinks don’t even count in terms of PageRank.

Google decides your PageRank according to the number of inbound links from the high PR sites (also known as off-site SEO). If you’ve thousands of backlinks to your site with PageRank 0 or 1 of their origin site then they won’t worth any PageRank advantage. On the other hand if your site only have 50 backlinks but from high PR sites then possibly they will worth much better PageRank. In my previous post I discussed about “Quick trick to get dofollow backlink from YouTube” which is a must see post too if you want to increase your blog’s PageRank.

About is an online image hosting service founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009 in Athens, Ohio. Imgur describes itself as “The Home to the Web’s most popular Image content, curated in real-time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.” has a PageRank of 6/10 so obviously getting backlink from it can give your blog a handsome PageRank boost.

Get dofollow backlink from

Getting backlink from is very easy. Just you need to add your site’s address in your profile section. This can be achieved by following the steps given below:

  1. Register for a free account. Click Here to register.
  2. After signing up, visit albums then edit your Public Profile option. Add your site’s URL there.
    NOTE: Don’t forget to add http:// before your site address e.g. http://www.yoursite.comPublic Profile Section
  3. After adding your site’s URL there, it’ll become a unclickable link (white colored). Don’t worry, just reload that page and after reloading it’ll turn into a clickable dofollow backlink (blue colored).
RAW Backlink (White Colored) Crawlable Backlink (Blue Colored)



That’s all. Now wait for at least 24 hours to get your backlink identified by googlebot and after it, Enjoy!!

If you’ve got any doubt related to this article then feel free to ask it in comments below.