ZD Kernel for Xperia L – Double Tap to Wake on Sony Xperia L

ZD Kernel for Xperia L

You get all those well-known features of a custom kernel, like usual sets of IOScheds, governors, and tweaks optimizations. However, I will be only mentioning the key ones:

  • Wake Gestures – Double Tap, Sweep Up, Down, Left, Right, Diagonals, Draw ‘L’ and ‘V’
  • Music Mode – Control Music without even unlocking the device.
  • Pocket Mode – Turns off wake gestures when it detects it in pocket to save battery
  • ZD Charger Control – Full control over USB charging currents.
  • ThunderSonic Engine – A unique, customizable sound control driver.
  • Dynamic Fsync 1.6 – This feature does not need any introduction, however, it is now more optimized to run when the screen is off while halting when the screen is on.
  • Overclock to 1.5Ghz, Underclock to 188Mhz
  • Permissive SELinux in the kernel.
  • Uses live Ramdisk patching during flashing, so need not worry about ROMs on which you are flashing on.


  • Android 4.4 based ROMs
  • Android 5.x based ROMs
  • Android 6.0 based ROMs

Installation Instructions:

  • Download and put the zip in the phone.
  • Go to recovery and flash it. No need of wiping anything.
  • Reboot & Enjoy.

Recommended App:


  • For which phone will it work? Sony Xperia L with above mentioned ROMs.
  • Do I need to have Unlocked BootLoader? Yes


[Solved] Xperia L Stuck in Bootloop after Unlocking Bootloader

Xperia L Stuck in Bootloop after Unlocking Bootloader

Bootloop means your phone doesn’t boots up, neither shuts down. The phone continues to show the boot animation screen and continues until your device’s battery exhausts and it automatically turns off.

This is an annoying thing, for a newbie, it’s frightening too. It happens when your operating system fails to load due to some error. As the word goes, bootloop is when the boot process is ‘looped’ over and over again, without a successful start up of the system.

Below is an illustration of an endless Xperia L bootloop:


What is Bootloader?

From the security point of view, a bootloader is a code that is executed before any Operating System starts to run. The concept of the bootloader is universal to almost all Operating systems that inculcate operating systems on your PC, laptop, smartphones, and other such devices.

Bootloader basically packages the instructions to boot operating system kernel and most of them also have their own debugging or modification environment.

What to do if your Xperia L got stuck in Bootloop after unlocking Bootloader?

Devices with recovery partition are easy to recover from this hell. All you need to do is just wipe caches. Not always but yeah most of the times it sorts out the issue. As your device is currently on stock firmware with no root access, the only thing you can do is: reflashing your device with Xperia L stock firmware ROM. How? Check the steps below:

1. Download and Install Flashtool. Most probably it will be installed here: C:\Flashtool

2. Now go through “drivers” folder in “Flashtool” folder and install Flashtool-drivers.exe from there.

3. On ‘choose components’ screen, it will ask for drivers you want to install. Select Flashmode Drivers, Fastboot Drivers and Common Drivers for Taoshan board.

NOTE: While installing the drivers your windows might show you security warnings several times. Just click on “Install this driver software anyway”.

Security Warning

4. Now download Sony Xperia L stock .ftf (ROM/firmware) from the web if you don’t have already.

5. After it place it in the “firmwares” folder located in Flashtool folder.

Firmwares Folder

We are done doing all the preparations. Now we can proceed to the flashing part.

6. Click on the Thunder icon with the title “Flash Device”.

Flash Device

7. Now select “Flash Mode”.

Flash Mode

8. Now, this window will show up. Please select the ROM you want to flash and follow the prompts.

NOTE: Before you click on “Flash” make sure Wipe “CACHE” and “DATA” are ticked.

Firmware Selector

Then click on flash.

9. It will take a while to prepare the files for flashing. After it this window will show up.

Plug the device in Flash Mode

The picture says the following:

  1. Unplug your device from your PC.
  2. Power OFF the device (Turn your phone OFF).
  3. Hold down the (VOLUME DOWN button).
  4. While holding the VOLUME DOWN button plug your phone back to your PC.

10. On successful connection, flashing process will start. Please wait until it gets finished.

Flashing Process

That’s it!

You’re all done. Now remove the battery of your Xperia L and insert it again. Power up your Xperia L and it will start like a charm without any bootloops.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you feel any doubt while following any of the steps then just post a comment below.

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[Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow] Resurrection Remix for Xperia L (taoshan)

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix ROM is based on CM, Slim, Omni, and original Remix ROM builds. This creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the newest features, brought directly to your device.

Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods are now included by default in the ROM.

Main Features:

  • Enable/Disable Navbar
  • Navbar Ring Switch
  • Navbar Ring Targets
  • Navbar Button Customization
  • Navbar Dimensions(Portrait & Landscape)
  • Brightness Slider
  • Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
  • SuperUser Indicator Switch
  • Carrier label
  • Carrier label switch
  • Carrier label colour
  • Quick PullDown Switch
  • Smart Pulldown Switch
  • Clock Customizations
  • Time & date
  • Clock Colour
  • Day & date Toggle
  • Center Clock/Right Clock Choice
  • Battery Bar customization
  • Battery Icon Customization(Circle/Landscape/Portrait and more)
  • Network Traffic Indicator
  • Theme Chooser
  • RR exclusive PITCH BLACK THEME
  • Toast Animations
  • ListView Animations
  • System Animations
  • Gestures
  • Gestures Anywhere Feature
  • App Circle Bar
  • Choose apps in App circle
  • Clock Widget
  • Clock And Alarm Customizations
  • Weather Panel Customizations
  • Calendar Events
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • Choose up to 5 Shortcuts
  • 100+ Icons for Shortcuts
  • Quick Slider Shortcuts
  • Weather Display Switch
  • Quick Settings
  • Choice to Add 20+ Tiles
  • Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row
  • Enable Disable Brightness Slider in Notification Panel
  • Advanced Location Settings Switch(Choose Battery saving/Device Only/High Accuracy Directly in Notification Panel)
  • LongPress Toggles to Enter Settings
  • Backlight Timer
  • Backlight Strength
  • Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch
  • Power Menu
  • Power Menu End Calls Switch
  • Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Home Button Wake Up
  • Home Button answers call
  • Long Press Actions
  • Double Tap Actions
  • Back Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Wake Up device Switch
  • Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Wake Up Device Switch
  • Short Press Actions
  • Long Press Actions
  • Search Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
  • Wake Up Device
  • Short Press Action
  • Long Press Action
  • Volume Buttons
  • Wake Up Device
  • Playback Control
  • Keyboard Cursor Control
  • Swap Buttons on Landscape mode
  • LCD Density
  • Expanded Desktop Mode
  • All New CM Audio FX App
  • Heads Up Customizations
  • OverAll Smoothness Improvements
  • Quick Unlock
  • Optimizations to Improve Battery
  • ALL CM12 Features

Installation Instructions

  • Download the latest build
  • Download Gapps
  • Take a nandroid backup
  • Recommended – Full wipe and factory reset
  • Flash ROM using latest ClockworkMod or TWRP recovery
  • Flash Gapps
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy!