How to fill up W-8BEN Tax Form for Affiliate Programs?

How to fill up W-8BEN Tax Form for Affiliate Programs?

Hello Readers. Making Money out of Blogging is the biggest trend these days. There are many options of making money online like by Serving Text/Banner Ads, URL Shortening, PTC, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Reviews and much more. Making Money out of any program you are using is easy but to get payment on time and legally, you have to fill some official tax forms issued by Internal Revenue Service. You have to fill up a W-8BEN Tax Form (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding) to certify our Non-American status.

If you have enrolled yourself on Affiliate Programs like HostGatorBluehost, or if you are applying for Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate program then you need to fill up W-8BEN Tax Form to receive payments from them.

How to fill up W-8BEN Tax Form for Affiliate Programs?

Here I will show you how to fill up the W-8BEN Tax form easily so that you can get all your commissions on time without any problem. I have given the download link of W-8BEN Tax Form and its Instruction Manual. Download them directly by clicking on the links.

Download W-8BEN Tax Form                Download Instruction Manual

How to fill up W-8BEN Tax Form for Affiliate Programs?

To tell you how you can easily fill up a W-8BEN Tax Form, I’ve given a scanned image of the original form with generic entries. Go through the image and fill up your PDF form. If the affiliate program you are filling up the form for requires dashboard form submission then fill up that form using this. Or if they require the form in PDF format then download the W-8BEN Tax Form from the link given above, fill it up and send them via email. Of if they require the hand written copy of the form then take a print, fill it up using black or blue ballpoint pen, then scan that and send to the concerned email address.

Since you need to sign the document, that’s why getting printed copy is a good idea. You may use your digital signature (if available).

DEMO W-8BEN Tax Form


I think above given demo form states everything required to say about this form. Now filled up the form fast and send to the destination email address as soon as possible so that you can get your payments on time.

Do let me know in case you have any specific query regarding this form submission.