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ThunderZap 4.7 Kernel for Sony Xperia L (Taoshan)

ThunderZap 4.7 Kernel for Sony Xperia L (Taoshan)

Hello Guys. Here is the latest build and the most stable ThunderZap 4.7 Kernel for Sony Xperia L (Taoshan).

ThunderZap 4.7 Kernel for Sony Xperia L (Taoshan)

ThunderZap 4.7 Kernel for Sony Xperia L (Taoshan)

The kernel is based on latest sources from Google and is fully compatible with your Xperia L device.

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  • Updated exFAT to latest upstream version
  • Huge bunch of Samsung F2FS updates
  • TWRP New
  • Philz Touch 6.57.5 Updated
  • Dual recovery is here! New – TWRP+Philz Touch
  • Fixed in-recovery 1970 timing mismatch
  • Optimizations to cpufreq driver
  • New governor: SmartMax: This is my new favorite governor, an ideal choice for optimum performance and battery backup
  • New IOScheduler: TripNDroid: My second favorite scheduler after BFQ!
  • Optimized GPU flags
  • Sysfs interface to control GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS on the fly
  • BFQ scheduler optimized for SSD
  • Disabled add_random method for improved IO performance
  • Moved to Linaro 4.7 from Linaro 4.6
  • Enabled aggressive multi-core power savings
  • Updated base CAF sources with over 100 new patches that go to VIDC, Adreno GPU driver, qssecom daemon, touchscreen driver etc
  • Updated wifi driver from latest CAF sources
  • Speedup in /proc/net/unix access
  • Optimizations to ext4 filesystem from upstream.

Source: ThunderZap Works

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  1. 1

    hello Ritesh Bro !!
    after flashing this kernel on my Xperia L i get automatically entered to my recovery whenever i try to start my phone …. the thunderzap logo appears then it takes me to recovery 🙁 what to do ??
    i flashed the kernel using flashtool from pc… pls help

    • 2

      Obviously it will go there cause flashing kernel completely wipes your stock operating system. So you’ll boot up into recovery anyway. All you can do now is downloading a custom kernel and flash it through recovery or flash stock ftf firmware using flashtool.

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