I’ve mostly seen newbies asking some questions related to Twitter. Some of them are: Why to gain Twitter followers and how? For ‘Why?’, answer is quite logical i.e. Promotion of blog or website via social media is now a very popular, growing and successful trend. It does not need any investment and can drive tons of traffic to your site for absolutely free.

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As Twitter is among Top 5 Social Media sites in the world so it’s a very good strategy if you’re thinking of promoting your site using it. The task is not as easy as it seems to be but it is at an extent if you act precisely and smartly.

Always keep in mind that it can take a while to build your social circle on social networking sites. You should not expect to get thousands of followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook in a single day.

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First off, avoid few things!

Yes, there are some unethical methods too for increasing Twitter followers in no time like purchasing them from third-party sites. It may cost around $19 for 1000 followers and you’ll gain followers on Twitter instantly in a single day or even in few hours but is there any surety that those followers will follow you for life or longer period?

It’s obvious that those followers are not following you because they want to. They are doing so just to increase their own followers or the autofollow feature of that site is doing it. It’s all because you paid for them to that third-party site. So it’s clear that purchasing followers is not a good idea and does not worth as much as you paid for them. The real meaning of gaining followers is when someone follows you by their own interest in you or in your tweets.

So here I am today giving some No-Nonsense ethical tips to gain or increase Twitter followers rapidly:

How to gain Twitter followers fast?

1. Be Regular:

  • The first and the most required tactic is to be online regularly and post consistently.
  • There should be a fixed frequency for posting Tweets per day so that your followers start understanding your posting schedule.
  • Don’t just start blowing up your timeline by posting thousands of tweets in a single hour. It may irritate your followers.
  • Decide a particular schedule for your tweets like you’ve to fix a particular number of tweets per minute or hour. Don’t take long lapse of time to post.
  • Don’t leave this planet without a prior notice! Suppose you are gone for some holidays and posting after 7 or 8 days. So if you’re planning to leave for some days then it is a very good idea to post it on your timeline like “Sorry guys but I got to go out of the station for some work so I won’t be able to come online for few days. Stay Tuned!” in this way you’re telling your followers that you’re not leaving permanently, it’s just for several days.

This single method will be very helpful in gaining trust of your followers which may result in low unfollowers rate as well as more followers.

2. Post which interests others:

  • It is the human nature that we always love to listen and read the things which we like. Nobody likes to read boring or demotivating thoughts. I saw many people writing weird things which others can’t even understand. So, always write something interesting. Interesting in the sense something funny, motivational, shocking, helpful.
  • Always post in the language which your followers can understand. If your first language is not English and your most followers are from America then it’s better to learn it
  • Always talk politely and in a calm & gentle tone. Nobody likes to read your rude and annoying tweets. Most of the people (say 95%) loves to read something funny or full of humour. It’s a strategy which I myself personally use and recommending to you too.
  • Funny or humorous type of tweets gets viral easily and can gain lots of followers instantly.
  • Be professional, never post your personal stuff on Twitter.
  • Twitter is a kind of Microblogging site so treat your profile in the same manner. Take care of the content what others mentioning you in and what you are posting.

3. Find people in your niche:

  • If you are a blogger then it’s better to find people of your niche. In this way you can read tweets related to blogging and this can help you in getting new ideas for your next posts.
  • People of same niche always love to read each other’s tweets. For instance, if you are a blogger and your Twitter Circle (including your followers and following) consists of totally comedians then you are just wasting your time by posting something about blogging because there are 99% chances that they will neglect your tweets just by reading few words and its reason is quite simple, they can’t understand what you’re writing.
  • So it’s better from the beginning to build a circle related to your niche.
  • Simplest way is to make effective use of search bar. Type any query. Like if you are a blogger then you can write ‘blogging’ or ‘blogger’ to find everything related to it only. Set ‘what to find?’ to ‘everything’. Simple example:
Twitter search results for term 'Blogging'
Twitter search results for term ‘Blogging’

4. Follow back your followers:

  • Everyone wants more followers. If someone is following you then he/she is expecting it too that you’ll follow him/her back.
  • By following back your followers you create a very tight bonding and increases the chances of not losing them in future. Always keep in mind that you’re not a celebrity who can gain millions of followers without even following them back.

5. Favourite and Retweet other’s tweets:

One of the best way to get other’s attention is by simply favouriting and retweeting their tweets. If you’re not aware of “Favourite” and “Retweet” options in Twitter then you can understand it by relating it to Facebook.

Retweet: it is like “Share” option of Facebook. Means you are sharing someone else’s tweet on your own timeline which can be seen by your followers.

Favourite: is same as “Like” option of Facebook. If you find something interesting or useful then you can express your feelings by Favouriting it.

Retweet and Favourite

6. Mention Others:

  • Mention others in your Tweets but not in bulk or so often which starts irritating them.
  • Always keep in mind that nobody likes to see thousands of worthless mentions when they wake up after a very sound sleep.
  • Try to interact with your followers by posting something like “How are you?”, “How have you been?”, “How has life been treating you?”.
  • You can use some smilies in your tweets to express your feelings like :p (Sticking Tongue face for expressing something silly or funny), 🙂 (Smiling face for expressing your happiness), 😀 (Grin face for expressing great happiness or victory) etc.
  • Don’t just start blowing up their notifications with your mentions, mention only when needed.
  • Mention only when you need to ask something to someone but don’t ask any personal or informal question as it is open to be seen by anyone.

Quick Tip : Always try to interact with your friends and family members via DMs (Direct Messages) and prevent your personal stuff from being known by your followers.

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7. Try to get followed by verified accounts:

Most important strategy out of all. Most of the Verified accounts don’t always follow back. Verified Accounts including accounts of celebrities, artists, sports persons etc. It leaves a very good impression on others if you are followed by some verified accounts. Now the thing is: How to get followed by verified accounts on Twitter?

  • Go to their timeline and see whether the account you’re trying to get followed by follows back or not.
  • If you find some general public in their following list then it is clear that the verified person follows back 😀
  • Now you need to check how much chances do you have to get followed by that account.
  • Calculate the percentage of the Number of Following to the Number of Followers. If you get 50% then it is simple that you have 50% chances to get followed by that verified account. Higher the percentage you get, higher the chances you have to get followed by that particular verified account.
  • If you finally realize that there are some chances to get followed by that particular verified account then it is time to get followed by them.
  • First of all, follow that account. Don’t expect that person to follow you first.
  • Now Retweet and Favourite their Tweets but not in bulk.
  • Be regular in doing this.
  • Try everything to get their attention which can make a positive picture of yours in their mind.
  • Mention them, Compliment them. If you’re trying to get followed by any singer or band then compliment them for their latest albums and songs.
  • Don’t ask for follow back. They will automatically start following you if you get their attention in a positive sense.

Above methods are not the only ones, there can be others too. Just keep some things in your mind; always respect verified accounts. They have verified account because they earned it. Always speak in a polite and calm tone. If finally you get followed by them then there are some more things which you have to keep in mind.

  • Don’t irritate them by sending hundreds of direct messages. If you want to say something then first try to send a single DM but first check their timeline; actually some verified accounts write down some warning type of message on their profile something like “No DMs Please”. If they reply you back then only you should think of another DM.
  • If you are asking them something by sending DM or by mention and finally if they reply you back then don’t forget to thank them in return.

8. Give shoutouts to others:

Shoutout is something like you are telling your followers to follow a person or persons and this can be done by mentioning that particular person or persons which you want to gain followers in your Shoutout. In this way the person will be very thankful and maybe he/she return the favor by giving you Shoutout too.

Give Shoutouts to your followers


Don’t get into any cyber fights as it can leave very bad impression on your followers about your personality. If you find someone is annoying or bothering you then blocking him/her is the best way to bring them far away from you. After get blocked, that person won’t be able to send you direct messages and mentioning you in their tweets until you unblock them.

Final Words

The above tactics are extracted from my self experience. Just always act smartly. Find your own ways to get twitter followers fast if you can 😉 but I recommend you to not going with any unethical way.

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  1. yes your ideas really helpful. but i think twitter is all about gaining followers rather than following them back.
    for this you can also buy followers even though i bought 😛

  2. Hi there! Ɗo you know if tɦey makke any plugins
    to help աith ЅEO? I’m trying too get my blog tо rank for some
    tarfցeted keywords but I’m not seԝeing very good rеsults.
    If you know of aոy plpеase share. Kudoѕ!

  3. I’m really surprised…

    Do you know one thing, I’m really searching for this post to increase twitter followers. You elobarated each and every tip with examples are very interesting. And I’ve a doubt that, you mentioned not to post much posts at a same time. But, up to my knowledge the profiles like omg facts, verge had more followers and they’re posting every minute. Please say about that..

    Thank you.. I’ve no words to say.. Really superb article…

    • Hi. It’s because people are following them just because of their quick updates. Pages like OMG Facts are liked by people because of their minute-to-minute updates. It’s totally niche dependent also. If they lower down their posting frequency then most probably they will lose lots of their followers.

      If any of us try to do the same thing like posting tweets about 60 times an hour or around that then chances are high that people will take it as an act of spam.

      I hope you are understanding what I’m saying.

      And I’m glad you liked this article. Have a great week ahead 🙂


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