For Xperia users, it is recommended that they should have Sony Stock FTF ROM for their device. Stock FTF ROM is the thing that will help you if anything goes wrong while upgrading or rooting the device. Sometimes device gets stuck’ed into infinite boot animations or your phone may not respond if you have got it soft-bricked. In all these horrible cases, Stock FTF ROM could be your life saver.

Create Sony Stock FTF ROM using PC Companion

If you don’t know then let me share it with you. Sony Stock FTF ROM for your device can be found on the internet on various sites. You can just simply download them and flash your phone with them. But wait a minute, are you sure that the Stock FTF ROM you are using in flashing your phone is safe and won’t harm your device. Sometimes some hackers for the sake of stealing your information inserts some codes in the Stock FTF ROM file which sends your private information to its modifier each time you connect to the internet. So the solution is to create our own copy of Sony Stock FTF ROM for our device anyhow. That’s why, today I’m here to share with you a trick to create Sony Stock FTF ROM file using PC Companion and Flashtool.

Trick to create Sony Stock FTF ROM using PC Companion


Before you move ahead to the steps, check if you have all the necessary materials or not.

  1. High-speed internet connection
  2. Sony PC Companion
  3. Flashtool
  4. Original Sony or any other good quality USB Cable


1. Install and open Sony PC Companion.

PC Companion

2. Now click on Support Zone. It’ll start downloading Support Zone interface.

3. On this screen, you will see various options such as Phone/Tablet Update, Accessories software update, and Recycle your phone/tablet etc. Now connect your phone using USB Cable.

Support Zone

4. Now click on Start button below Phone/Tablet Update column. It will open up a pop-up window.

Connect Phone

5. If your phone needs to be updated then click on Update button else click on “repair my phone/tablet”.

Check Update

Note down the new firmware Version. You may need to use it later.

Start Updating

Note: Be careful, it will wipe off all your personal data.

6. Now before initialization, it will ask you “Would you like to disconnect your phone during this process?”. Click on Yes button.

Preparing Download

Disconnect Phone

7. It will start downloading your firmware upgrade/repair files.

Initializing Download

8. Upon successful download of firmware files, it will ask you to connect your device. Just simply close the PC Companion. If asks, click on “Update Later”.

9. Install and open Flashtool.


10. Navigate to Tools >> Bundles >> FILESET Decrypt.


11. A Decrypt Wizard menu will open. In the source folder, navigate to (Windows 7) -> C:\ProgramData\Sony Mobile\Update Engine\db\13740270\blob_fs.

Decrypt Wizard

Decrypt Files

12. After providing the desired source location, it will show all BLOBS with prefix ‘FILE_’. Highlight all files in “Available files” and click Right arrow button “->” to add to “Files to convert”.

Files to Convert

13. Now click on “Convert” to start conversion process.

14. After successful conversion, now you are ready to create Stock FTF ROM File. Navigate to Tools >> Bundles >> Create.

Create FTF

15. A Bundler window will open. At “Select source folder”, navigate to downloaded firmware update files (Windows 7) -> C:\ProgramData\Sony Mobile\Update Engine\db\13740270\blob_fs.


16. Highlight all “folder list”, and click right arrow “->” to add to “Firmware content”.

Bundler Source Folder

Firmware Content

17. In this step, you have to exclude “TA (Trim Area)” files from the “Firmware Content”. It is always recommended to not include TA files in the Stock FTF ROM files as it may hard-brick your device.
In “Firmware content”, scroll down until you find “TA” section and click left arrow button “<-” to exclude from ‘Firmware content’.

Exclude TA Files

Excluded TA Files

18. In Device bar, double-click the text box in grey color to select the Device Model and Variant.

Device Model and Variant

19. In Branding bar, we fill the value in the following format: “Type *space* Country”. You can fill in this value:
- Type: Generic
- Country: *2 Characters Country ISO Code*

20. In Version bar, fill in the Version of your Stock FTF ROM File (refer to Step 5 Image 2).
Finally, click on “Create” button to start bundle creation.

21. Once the bundle creation is finished, save the logs file if you wish to review it later on.


Now navigate to “firmwares” folder in the Flashtool folder. You will find the Sony Stock FTF ROM for your device there.Ā That’s all!


  1. my sony xperia z have some issues so i decided to do repair using sony pc suite after downlod the firmware

    my device perform update but shows an erro update engine faile error 100. i am tryed alot of times update

    with diffrent pc also the same error repeating , kindly help me

    Thank you.

    • You can follow these steps to make it work:

      1. Reinstall Sony PC Companion
      2. Go to Windows > Search in the search box: “Allow a program through windows firewall” > Then Scroll Down > Click “Allow Another Program” > then find Sony PC Companion > Select it > check it.

  2. just used process to flash my XPERIA Z1Compact lollipop and it worked perfectly.
    Am very grateful to you man, you’re genius man. thank you very much.
    keep up with the good work

  3. Hai i followed your steps i stuck with stpe:11 i didnt get db\13740270\blob_fs. please reply me as soon as possible am waiting

    • Most probably you’ve missed any of the steps above that were about downloading firmware files. Carefully follow all the steps from beginning again. It works perfectly. If problem still persists then feel free to ask again šŸ™‚

  4. hey dude, i just wonder is there a way to update my xperia l current system (4.2.2) to the latest android firmware ?? maybe there is a way using the sony pc companion ?? i already tried 1 way to update my system manually but the problem was that the bootloader in my xperia is not allowed to be unlocked :/ i expect your answer. all the best.

  5. Hi there.. Thanks greatly for this tutorial.. I wondered whether you might be able to help re a minor observation/issue I’ve experienced when attempting to create an FTF for the latest Firmware (14.5.A.0.270) (UK).. I think this most likely as a result of the latest version of PC Companion rather than the latest version (used) of Flashtool..

    When I get to stage 16., I find the files from the previous stage no longer resident at blob_fs, but spread across two sub folders – decrypted and boot.. There isn’t a readily identifiable TA area visible when the files from the decrypted folder are added to the Firmware content: window, however when one begins the creation with the contents of the decrypted folder selected, this seems to also include the contents of the boot folder during the creation process and this does ultimately reveal the inclusion of not only cust-reset.ta and preset1.ta, but also Honami_S1BootConfig_MiscTA_130115_1430.ta.. this likely pulled from within the boot folder contents I’m guessing..

    Granted these are ultimately likely minor revisions since your guide was published, but I was wondering whether the inclusion of the Honami ta file would cause an issue re the TA partition if only the other two previously highlighted files were removed..?

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks kindly.


  6. Download completed in Sony Companion, but
    NO files to be decrypted or created in
    “C:\ProgramData\Sony Mobile\Update Engine\db\13740270\blob_fs”.
    Is the source different in Windows 10?

    Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact LTE(SGP621), Windows 10

        • Hello J.W.Won

          I totally understand your concern, but I can’t help you with this as I don’t have access to a Windows 10 PC as of now. However, you can do one thing that will help you to create a ftf file for your device without even using Sony PC Companion. I’m soon going to write an article about that. But for now, here’s a quick tutorial. Download XperiFirm and install it. Upon installation, select the Device name from the list you want to download the firmware files for and set a download destination. It will download all the data in your selected destination folder. Now follow all the remaining step using Flashtool. Decrypt those files using Flashtool and then bundle them to create an FTF file. Don’t forget to add device name, version and branding as explained above in the article. DONE! Happy flashing šŸ™‚

          Let me know if you still have any problem.

  7. Hi Ritesh..nice to find u i love this tutorial, i want ask one thing Once i made a FTF via Flashtool then can i flash with flashtool bcoz, i downloaded and tried the Stock firmware from XDA Forum but due to Bootloader is locked and this Model Xperia C 2305 can’t be unlocked So flashtools tries but at the end it fails…So if i make a Bundle from Downloaded files whether it is possible to flash in Xperia C as well as recently i repair my phone via Sony Pc Companion bcoz. WMShuaSetup shows error while connecting to it’s own server that’swhy i am unable to flash my download XDA Stock Rom but as per your instruction in this tutorial i found each and every file in “Update Engine” folder…plz. tell if u have any idea, also this is all done in Windows 10 x64 Enterprises Edition So it works in Win10.

    • You can flash that bundle but to avoid any risks, it’s good to unlock the bootloader first and then flash via flashtool. If your phone can’t get unlocked, it’s better to not trying it šŸ™‚


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