There is a huge importance of Yahoo Answers for bloggers in terms of dofollow backlinks. Earlier, it was very easy to gain dofollow backlinks from Yahoo Answers just by placing your site’s link in the source or content part of your answer but after the latest update in the Policies of Yahoo, you can’t get backlinks (clickable) only just by placing them in your answers or source part.

Yes, you can place your links, there is no such restriction on it, but it won’t be counted as a backlink because it will appear only as a plain text. You can try it yourself. Create a new Yahoo Answers account and try to put your links in your answers and you’ll finally realise the fact. So this post is all about its solution.

According to Yahoo’s new policies, your links won’t be counted as backlinks and will be seen as plain text until you reach to Level 2.

What are levels in Yahoo Answers?

Levels are the way to keep track of how active you (and others) have been. The more points you accumulate, the higher your Level. And finally, as you attain higher Levels you’ll also be able to contribute more to Yahoo Answers – you can ask, answer, vote and rate more frequently.

Level Points
1 1-249
2 250-999
3 1000-2499
4 2500-4999
5 5000-9999
6 10,000-24,999
7 25,000+


Now you might have noticed “Points” in the above table. To understand it, let’s move on the other part.

What are points in Yahoo Answers?

Points are the counting currency of Levels. You can observe it in above table too. Higher the points you get, higher the levels you gain. Now the scene is clear. To gain higher levels one needs to increase his points. After earning sufficient points, Yahoo will automatically update your Levels according to its corresponding points criteria.

NOTE : You can’t gain thousands of points in a single day because of Yahoo’s limit of number of answering questions per day.

How to increase levels in Yahoo Answers fast?


  • Make an effort to get on Yahoo! Answers once a day. Even if you can only get on for a few minutes, you can still earn lots of points. Logging in gives you 1 point a day, and those points add up.
  • Answer questions using proper grammar and spelling in a pleasant, informative way. Don’t type too much, get to the point, and at the end of your answer, simply say “Hope this helped.” The better the answer, the higher chance of getting best answer, which awards you 10 points each.
  • Check back to your previously answered questions. The ones that say ‘In-Voting’ are usually easy wins. Vote ‘Best Answer’ for yourself and get 1 point, and then if all goes well, receiving best answer gives you 10 points.
  • Answering questions in ‘easy sections’ are good for quick points. Polls and Surveys, Adolescents, Music, Celebrity, Jokes & Riddles, Grade-Schooler, and Beauty and Style are usually considered easy sections, most of the questions don’t require much effort to research and are mostly common sense or advice.
  • Be patient and polite, you will eventually earn points! You may hit dry patches where you will only earn points and gain levels rarely, but then you will strike gold!
  • Choose a Best Answer for your question. If you do ask a question, always pick best answer, it gives you 3 points!
  • Vote for a Best Answer. It gives you 1 point!
  • Give Splendid Answers with complete details. This can help you receive a “Thumbs-up” rating on a Best Answer that you wrote (up to 50 “Thumbs-ups” are counted). Every Thumbs-Up gives you 1 point!


  • Don’t get in cyber fights with the person who asked the question, or anyone else.
  • Don’t delete your own answers. Self-deleting an answer deducts 2 points from your account.
  • Don’t spam with links, use them in a limit just for reference purpose. Otherwise you may be penalized by deducting 10 points from your account for violating their policies.
  • Don’t ask too much questions. Ask little to no questions. Always use Yahoo! as a last resort for asking questions. Use Yahoo! search engine, Google, search previous questions, and ask friends before you ask a question. 5 points will be deducted by your account for each question you asked.

Do let me know any other tips if you have 🙂


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