Are you thinking of creating an online store but aren’t too sure? Will it work? Is the investment too high? Will my product sell? Will customers like the product I’m selling? Well, you’d never know if you never try. Here are 5 great reasons for you to start selling online:

  1. Since everything is online, you’ll have to bear low set-up and overhead costs. Low cost means higher profits and who doesn’t like profits?
  2. Selling online gives your store access to potential customers spread across the globe. This means that you increase your market reach and allow customers to shop at anytime from anywhere.
  3. You can easily get analytics about how your store has been performing using several analytic tools available. This way, you can measure performance and get reports on page views, geographic location of customers, the device used to browse the site and much more.
  4. Easy scalability as you can measure which products are hot sellers and which are not. Based on that, you can develop a larger range of products and scale your business.
  5. It’s not as time intensive as running a physical store as once the set-up is in place, you don’t have to manage it on a day-to-day basis. You can focus on other important tasks like product development or digital marketing.

How to create a successful online store using Twikster?

Twikster Review – How it makes online selling easy?

So now that you know that you’ve got to get online, what options do you have? Well, you can get a developer or a freelancer to build the website for you but the costs involved with such a set-up is not very pocket-friendly. To start off, you’d like to dip your feet into it and then only dive into it completely once you are more convinced. To give you just that, is Twikster, an eCommerce enablement platform that gives you an end-to-end solution for all your business needs. And that’s not all. It’s the only platform that comes with an easy way to manage, control and grow your online presence by helping you drive traffic to your store!

About Twikster

Twikster, founded by Namrata Soni in May 2014, understands the hassles faced by every start-up looking to sell online and hence has the perfect blend of features and affordability. You can start off with a FOREVER FREE store and as your business grows, you can upgrade to the Paid Plans and purchase all the add-ons that your business needs and your pocket allows. The structure of the platform allows you to pick and choose only those features that you want and does not force any specific plans on you – No forced pricing plans. No forced monthly subscriptions.

Twikster Edge

Having said all of this, the store owners struggle mainly when it comes to marketing their store. How does one get his/her online store out there and approach potential clients? Twikster has an answer. Twikster has launched a product called Twikster Edge, an all-in-one social media management tool to help store owners post great content in the right place at the right time. These are a few of the awesome things that the tool enables you to do:

  • Post great CONTENT to over 10 social media platforms at once. The more content you post, the better your SEO.
  • Interact with your CUSTOMERS where they hang-out and give them offers to drive them to your store.
  • Analyze the PERFORMANCE of your brand on all social media platforms and google analytics from one dashboard – simplified so you can understand it better.
  • View what your COMPETITION is doing and keep up to speed with them.

Track what customers are doing on your store and see where they are coming from – so you can manage your AD SPEND accordingly.

And so much more! (check it out on

Twikster helps store owners overcome many other hurdles as well and here’s how they do it:

1. With Twikster, you get a lot more than just an online store. They help you set-up and manage your presence across leading marketplaces to increase your sales channels. They have service tie-ups to help you build and grow your business at pre-negotiated rates. These services include accounting, legal, design and marketing. They also have Logistic and Payment Gateway tie-ups to make your journey of selling seamless.

2. Give eCommerce a shot before diving into it entirely using their forever free option, Twikster GO. Explore the platform, see how it functions, understand all the features and then upgrade. All you have to do is sign up on and start your online journey.

Signup for Twikster

3. Twikster’s flexibility lies in the fact that they have broken down every component of the website which enables store owners to purchase only those features that they want. The pay as you go model works really well as store owners can grow their business gradually and continuously add add-ons as and when the business demands it.

Successfully Signed Up for Twikster

4. With more than 40 themes available on the platform, choose the template that best suits your business. If you are still not satisfied, you can get a template custom made just for you!

Twikster Themes

5. Payments and Logistics can be quite a hassle. Thankfully, Twikster has an answer for that as well. Every store comes with an integrated payment gateway. They have all the leading payment gateway options available – PayU, Instamojo, CCAvenue, DirecPay, PayTm, EBS and PayPal. As for Logistics, you can take advantage of the pre-negotiated rates they have with the best in the business Providers – India post, Fedex, Aramex, Delhivery, RoadRunnr and Ecom Express. It can’t get better than this.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is of very high importance for every website. A higher rank on search engines means more traffic which means higher conversions which mean more sales and in turn growth. With Twikster, you have the ability to submit your Sitemap to the Google Webmasters tool, add meta tags, descriptions, and titles for products and CMS pages, enable friendly URL’s for all pages across your store and a lot more.

Twikster SEO

If you still need assistance, all you need to go is get in touch with them. You can drop them an email at [email protected] or give them a buzz on 8861674504.

Sign up today and get started with your online stor(e)y at


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