Every smartphone company wants their genuine stock firmware in their device. You can say it branding or the way of avoiding piracy thefts. Therefore, companies lock their devices with a code known as Bootloader. A locked bootloader is actually a factory restriction, which means that while your handset is having a locked bootloader, you can’t perform operations like rooting, installing custom apps from outside the Google Play coverage, or update with custom ROMs firmware.


For developers or techno freaks, bootloader unlock is the first step before they think of making any modification in their phone’s firmware. So today I’m writing this article to tell you the method of unlocking bootloader of your Sony Xperia Device using Sony’s official method. This method can be applied to almost all Sony Xperia devices (not only on the Android-based smartphones), so you have nothing to worry about.

Prerequisites and things to note:

  • Backup your phone and SD card’s data because unlocking bootloader can wipe off all your data.
  • You need a Windows running computer with internet connection enabled must be near you.
  • Most importantly your Sony Xperia device and its USB cable should be there.
  • You must have the latest version of Flashtool installed in your PC. You can download it here.
  • Phone’s battery must be charged more than 60%. Else the phone might get turned off in the middle of the unlocking procedure.
  • USB debugging must be enabled on your device.
  • Take note as if you unlock the bootloader you will no longer receive OTA updates.
  • Apply this method only for the Sony Xperia devices.
  • Create a backup of your phone’s stock ftf ROM as later you may need it to flash your phone if anything goes wrong. Read this tutorial: Trick to Create Sony Stock FTF ROM using PC Companion

How to Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia Devices?

1. The first step is to check whether your device supports bootloader unlocking or not. For that, dial *#*#7378423#*#*. Then a “Services” menu will open up. Go to Service Info >> Configuration. If under “Rooting Status” it’s written “Bootloader Unlock Allowed” then only you can proceed with the further steps.

2. Then visit Sony Developer World.

3. Select your device from the bottom of the page and click continue.

Select Device

4. Now on this page, you’ll have to write your email address for verification.

Email Verification

5. You will receive an email shortly. Check your spam folder if you don’t find any email in your inbox. Email should look like this:


6. Click on “Click here to proceed”. On this page, you’ll have to fill your device’s IMEI number. Dial *#06# to know IMEI number.

7. After dialing it a window will pop up with your device’s IMEI number in it. Enter it in the field on the website.

IMEI Verification

8. Click on submit and finally you’ll get a Bootloader Unlock Code.

Unlock Code

9. We are done with the online part. Now it’s time to use this unlock code to do what it is meant to 😉 Open Flashtool.

10. Click on “BLU” icon from the top menu.


11. It will ask you to boot your device in “Flashmode”. You can do so by pressing a key of your phone or combination of keys in off state while attaching it with the PC. Basically, it’s Volume Down key. For exact information about your device, Google about “How to boot *your device* in Flashmode?”.

Plug the device in Flash Mode

12. After plugging in Flashmode, now it will ask you to boot your device in “Fastboot Mode”. It is basically Volume Up key in off state while attaching with the PC.

Plug in Fastboot Mode

13. Now it will ask you to enter the “Unlock Code” you got from Sony’s site. Enter it there and click on “Unlock”.

Bootloader Unlock Wizard

14. Upon clicking on “Unlock” button, Flashtool will start doing its job. You will end up to something like this:

Unlocking Device


That’s all! Now unplug your device and reboot it. Check if your bootloader is successfully unlocked or not by dialing *#*#7378423#*#*. Then a “Services” menu will open up. Go to Service Info >> Configuration. It should look something like this:

Rooting Status


It’s been seen that Sony devices get stuck in bootloop after unlocking bootloader. It means your phone won’t boot up completely, it will continuously show you the boot animation. If you’ve also got this problem then the only solution to this is to Flash your device again with stock ftf (firmware/rom) of your phone. You can get a basic idea about the procedure in this article:

Procedure will be same for almost all the Sony devices. So you can follow it without any problem.

If you have any doubt regarding this tutorial then let me know by posting it in the comments section below 🙂


  1. Hey need Help!

    I have received my unlock code but my phone not detecting step 12.

    I am rooted and i’ve once installed Stock 15.3.a.1.17 using flash tool due to bootloop.

    I have found that during flash tool driver install it failed to install google usb driver.

    what to do ?

    • Try with the preliminary method of removing battery and reinserting it again. Then again connect your phone in Fastboot mode by holding volume up and power button. I hope it will work.

  2. hi i am facing issues while unlocking bootloader it says “QHSUSB_DLOAD” not installed in my pc how to solve this issue.

  3. hi please help
    why experia l isnot in list ? rooting status written Bootloader Unlock Allowed but my phone is not in list please help


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