“If the sun is free… If the air is free… Then why shouldn’t the internet be free?” a seriously logical quote that makes a huge sense on its own. If we look at the current scenario then in India, Internet access is meant for educated people only. The reason is quite simple, it’s because of lack of knowledge about the scope of internet among people and how it can be used to connect with the whole world with just a small computing device also known as the mobile phone. The Economic crisis is also a reason which makes most of the part of our nation’s population unable to afford internet fees.

Out of country’s total population, only 19.19% people in India have access to the internet. Although, India is ranked 3rd in the world for most internet users but if we compare the ratio in India only then results are quite disappointing. Here comes Internet.org to fight this problem and empower our nation with unlimited possibilities through the internet.

What is Internet.org? How it Can Empower Our Nation?

What is Internet.org?

Internet.org is a website/service that mainly focuses on providing the internet totally FREE of charge to Reliance customers. Facebook partnered with Reliance Communications to launch Internet.org (free internet service) in India. India is not the first country where they have launched this program, Facebook already has a tie-up with Airtel to provide Internet.org in Ghana also.

Internet.org can be enjoyed with Reliance Freenet connection only.

Advantages of Internet.org and Freenet:

  1. Absolutely FREE of cost.
  2. Doesn’t requires any data plan.
  3. Can be accessed using mobile’s native browser or via their Android app.
  4. Can be used for communicating and interacting with others using Facebook for free of charge.
  5. Can be used to know more about Job Opportunities using TimesJobs.
  6. With sites like Jagran Josh and Wikipedia, education is not limited to schools and colleges only.
  7. Get in touch with what’s happening with the world without any efforts with news & information sites like IBN Live and BBC News.
  8. and lots more…

How can Internet.org and Freenet empower our nation?

By having an internet access, you are already a part of a community that enjoys the endless possibilities one can ever have. With the internet, you’ll never feel any lack of knowledge. Just take your mobile phone out of your pocket and search any query using that magical tool known as Google. The internet is the fastest medium so far to get in touch with any update worldwide.

The main use of the internet is for utility services like health, education, jobs and communication. This is what Internet.org provides you for free. No doubt, there is still a large population in our country that don’t even know the name of the current prime minister of our country. Why? It’s because of lack of news & media resources. By using Internet.org, one can have free access to many useful sites.

Like as of now, Facebook is a must for everyone. Facebook is really a useful place where you can interact with people, get in touch with what’s happening in the world at any moment.

Sites like Dictionary.com are very useful in raising English language skills.

Internet.org gives you free access to about 38 helpful sites all for free. This service is currently available only in 6 circles: Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala & Tamil Nadu/Chennai for Reliance customers (Prepaid & Postpaid GSM and Prepaid CDMA only).

Some FAQs about Internet.org & Freenet:

Q1. Is Internet.org absolutely free or there are any charges at all?
No. Internet.org has Zero Charges means it’s totally FREE of cost service. Reliance GSM Prepaid/Postpaid and CDMA Prepaid customers can enjoy this service for NO charges.

Q2. Is Internet.org service available in all parts of India?
No. Initially the service is available only in 6 circles: Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala & Tamil Nadu/Chennai for Reliance customers only (Prepaid/Postpaid GSM & Prepaid CDMA only).

Q3. Does Internet.org requires any data pack to work on?
No. All Reliance Prepaid GSM/CDMA & Postpaid GSM customers in the 6 circles (mentioned in above FAQ) don’t require to buy any special pack to use Internet.org.

Q4. What all free services and sites are covered under Internet.org?
Free services include the following:

Category Free Service
Communication Facebook
Information Manorama
Education Jagran Josh
Entertainment ESPN Cricinfo
Entertainment NDTV
Entertainment Astrology
Finance BabaJob
Finance OLX
Finance Reuters Market Lite
Finance TimesJobs
Government AP Speaks
Health Malaria No More
Health Facts for Life (Unicef)
Health Social Blood
Information Bing Search (Microsoft)
Information Aaj Tak
Information AccuWeather
Information Amar Ujala
Information BBC News
Information IBN Live
Information Daily Bhaskar
Information Cleartrip
Information Dictionary.com
Information Jagran
Information Maalai Malar
Information Maharasta Times
Information Newshunt
Information India Today
Information Times of India
Information Translator
Information wikiHow
Information Wikipedia
Information Reliance: ‘Basics of Internet’
Women BabyCenter & MAMA
Women Nike Foundation (Girl Effect)
Women UN Women (iLearn)
Entertainment Hungama Music
Entertainment Network 18

Q5. Is there an Internet.org app available for smartphone users?
Yes. App is available only for Android smartphones as of now. However, everyone can use the service through www.internet.org for FREE. Android users can download the internet.org app from Google Play Store.

Q6. Will Reliance Netconnect users also be able to use this facility?
No. Currently, Internet.org is made available for Mobile users only i.e. small screen devices.


The internet is our future. There was a time when to communicate with a person sitting in any other city, we had to send letters and wait till it reaches the destination successfully. There was a time when we had to rely on news channels only to get in touch with the latest information. There was a time when schools and colleges were the only way to gain some knowledge. That time is no more!

If the internet is the power, then everybody should have it. And Internet.org is the way to do so 😉


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