You get all those well-known features of a custom kernel, like usual sets of IOScheds, governors, and tweaks optimizations. However, I will be only mentioning the key ones:

  • Wake Gestures – Double Tap, Sweep Up, Down, Left, Right, Diagonals, Draw ‘L’ and ‘V’
  • Music Mode – Control Music without even unlocking the device.
  • Pocket Mode – Turns off wake gestures when it detects it in pocket to save battery
  • ZD Charger Control – Full control over USB charging currents.
  • ThunderSonic Engine – A unique, customizable sound control driver.
  • Dynamic Fsync 1.6 – This feature does not need any introduction, however, it is now more optimized to run when the screen is off while halting when the screen is on.
  • Overclock to 1.5Ghz, Underclock to 188Mhz
  • Permissive SELinux in the kernel.
  • Uses live Ramdisk patching during flashing, so need not worry about ROMs on which you are flashing on.


  • Android 4.4 based ROMs
  • Android 5.x based ROMs
  • Android 6.0 based ROMs

Installation Instructions:

  • Download and put the zip in the phone.
  • Go to recovery and flash it. No need of wiping anything.
  • Reboot & Enjoy.

Recommended App:


  • For which phone will it work? Sony Xperia L with above mentioned ROMs.
  • Do I need to have Unlocked BootLoader? Yes



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